Clutter Free for 2015! Day 3

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Clutter free

When I saw Kathi Lipp’s book on Clutter Free I knew I wanted (NEEDED) to review it! Clutter Free

Every time you buy something except food and gas, I want you to write it down in that notebook. Every magazine, every piece of clothes, every gift. Next to the item I want you to write down what feeling buying that gives you. Finally, I want you to write down where you’re going to put it in your home. I want you to be mindful of every purchase you make this month and what it’s costing you emotionally and time wise. – Kathi Lipp

I found this activity to be really interesting! Normally I do not think about my purchases. I do think about the money for the purchase but not the time and effort that is put into that purchase afterwards! Kathi’s way of thinking has highlighted some of the evil things that my mind does. Like shopping when I’m depressed! Now I am going to think of where I am going to store that item BEFORE bringing it into the house!

The place that I tend to overlook is my closet. Stuff just gets shoved in there being one of the very few closets in this house. I close the door and forget about it. Sadly my closet became like a black hole but not with an infinite amount of space. I had paintings, books, clothes that I had not worn for a year, shoes that hurt my feet, purses that I no longer used, and a ton of junk! Bags and miscellaneous stuff that had no other spot.

So, I tackled my closet while the hubby went out one day. It took two hours but I felt so satisfied in the end. Sadly there were only a few items that I could donate but my closet is cleaned.

Most interesting thing that I found was information on my Grandfather. I have his birth certificate and his marriage license, his military information, and a ton of old black and white pictures! I admit it caught me off guard because I had not even though about that stuff for years. I put it away and forgot about it. Talk about feeling like Christmas. Now everything is in my important documents file where all of that should be!


My closet beforeI now only have clothes, shoes, and bags that I want to wear and that FIT me. I did keep a few of my party dresses that still fit and that I still absolutely love!

I have an obsession with buying shoes that are GORGEOUS but sadly I do not wear heels often. So I had all these four and six inch heeled shoes that I absolutely would not wear. The last time I wore one of these I wound up not being able to walk the rest of the evening after just TWO hours in them!

Ugh!! The pain!

The hubster actually carried me out of his companies Christmas Party. It was way too cold for me to walk barefoot. I kept thinking to myself WHY, why would you do this? And then I would look at the shoes and I remembered oh, yes… that is why!

What is super funny about this after picture is that you do not see the rest of my bedroom. Trust me that’s a completely separate post! Half of my clothes are also in the laundry room, which is yet another post! Oh clothes, why do you have to be so cute and alluring!?

So, this was the second day that we tackled. The hubby wound up doing his side of the closet as well, which wound up being amazing! To be honest, I was surprised at just how much I was holding onto that I really didn’t like or did not wear.

I realized my biggest mistake is letting people talk me into clothes that THEY do not want but for some reason I allow myself to get. Then I hang it up or shove the clothes into a drawer and wonder for years afterward why I have it but never actually wear it! Time to just say no! I have plenty of clothes BUT I will allow myself to buy IF I have room and IF I am completely in love with something. 😀 I think that is a pretty good compromise!

(Ignore the dust. I haven’t seen the actual closet in about two years! I’ll get to it!)

My closet after
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  • Bedroom
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What’s in your closet? Do you hoard that favorite outfit from ten years ago? What do you refuse to let go of?


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