Clutter Free for 2015! Day 2

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Clutter free

When I saw Kathi Lipp’s book on Clutter Free I knew I wanted (NEEDED) to review it! Clutter Free

This book is fantastic so far but there’s just too much to share for one post! So, I’m going to put 21 days of clutter into 10 posts! Today it’s all about our living room!

I just couldn’t get all the mess in my living room out of my mind ON Christmas day. The hubby was exceptionally fabulous and helped me not only clean up, take out the tree, pack away Christmas decorations, but also helped me to rearrange! The most dreaded, awful thing that can happen in his mind is a day of rearranging and he helped me rearrange on Christmas. I have to say, it was like a gift in itself. A clean, gorgeous, organized living room! I just kept asking myself if we were in the right house!?

The problem was not Christmas. The problem was that we did not have ANY storage. Our two side tables became the catch all for absolutely everything. Not only our morning coffee but also our gloves, hats, sun glasses, dog toys, dog treats, dog clothes, jackets, ETC! You name it and it was being collected on these two tables! ARGH!

So! Two book cases, a few strategically placed bins for the dog toys and miscellaneous crap! And viola a new living room!!

Living room 1

So, we started with our movies. We were able to get rid of 30 movies that we didn’t want to see again or had no idea how and why we owned in the first place! Doing that allowed me to alphabetize (my ocd is showing!) and put them into our tallest book case. With the second book case I was able to take the front case and spread the love a little. Now we had a place for all of my exercise videos and the multiple series movies that just don’t fit anywhere else! Ignore the boxes on the left which are helping with our work. The box in the tall bookcase is filled with games and miscellaneous hubby crap! Yay! Now I don’t have to see it!

Living room 2

Here is Missy Annabelle showing off her new window seat! This little seat has two storage places! One of which is strictly for the puppies toy box. Actually the other will probably be for another puppy toy box! What can I say, these mutts are spoiled but at least I have a place for there stuff now!

All I have left to do is teach the pups how to put their toys away. Now THAT would be awesome.

Living room 3

And my other bookcase! You can’t see the entire thing but on the right side I have a little cubby for my misc crap! I’m now keeping my journals there and whatever books are in progress! My baby Kindle also goes there. Oh to have a home! How wonderful!

What I loved about this day is that although we only bought one wall of storage, that storage was a miracle for this living room. Some of these books were on the top of my closet just collecting dust! All of the books on the right have not even been read! It’s crazy.

Now I have a place for my books, for my hubby’s games, and the dog toys.

Something that Kathi mentions in her book is having a spot for something BEFORE bringing it into the house. My new idea is to not buy another book unless I have already read a book out of one of these cases!

Coming Soon:

  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • His Closet
  • My Closet
  • Office
  • Bedroom
  • Drawers
  • Full Book Review


My living room is now my comfy place. Do you have an uncluttered, comfy place of your own?


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8 Responses to “Clutter Free for 2015! Day 2”

  1. Diane O'Key

    Working on de-cluttering…what a job! How did we acquire all this stuff?! As we’re going to sell our fairly large home and downsize, a great deal has to go, for sure. Non-profit/charitable thrift stores smile when they see me coming, bags and boxes in tow LOL. How good it feels to help others…and ourselves…in the end πŸ™‚
    Diane O’Key recently posted…Beyond Words now available!My Profile

    • Christina

      Isn’t it always a great feeling?! We are actually moving up to a larger house but living in this little place has really been teaching me that we need storage! Kathi’s book is just phenomenal and helping the hubby and me to keep our place clutter free!

      • Diane O'Key

        Decluttering is like having a weight lifted off your shoulders. Amazing! And since so much of it’s good stuff, just far more than we need, it’s a double-win for us and the veterans organizations that can truly make good use of it πŸ™‚
        Diane O’Key recently posted…Beyond Words now available!My Profile

        • Christina

          It really is like a weight lifted! I have an obsession with dresses it seems. Some I just could not get rid of but others I had not even worn, they still had tags, and I had them for years! I was glad I was able to donate those! πŸ˜€

  2. R_Hunt @ View From My Home

    I downsized my blog in the past couple of months and am trying to do it in real life, but unfortunately I put a sentimental value on “things” and I need to get past that if I am to succeed. I need to realize that having more space is nicer than holding onto something from my past. I did donate two bags of unread books to the thrift shop and my daughter brought a huge garbage bag full of clothes that don’t fit her anymore. It’s a process…
    R_Hunt @ View From My Home recently posted…Take Control of Your TBR Pile Challenge – March 2015My Profile

    • Christina

      It really is! My hubby has an issue with keeping stuff too. I told him if it really has value, then keep it but find a home for it! Now we don’t have electronics sitting ALL over the place. We started cleaning our computer room and he decided to get rid of all this stuff! I asked if any of it meant anything to him and he said nope and away it went! YAY!! I did wind up keeping a lot of old documents that I found though. All of that I’m keeping! πŸ˜€

    • Christina

      My pleasure! I think my kitchen is going to be the worst. I’m going to tackle that while the hubby is away. He has helped so much that it seems like a miracle! πŸ˜€ Love your book Kathi! Seriously. It is doing wonders for our house.