Clutter Free for 2015! Day 1

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So, this year I wasn’t in the Christmas mood. We live in such a small house and our furniture is NOT small so adding a tree and decorations just was ridiculous! But, the hubby was really excited so we went shopping, got a few things and set the living room up. Somehow we did it in this tiny place!! One of the problems is that we just do not have any room for anything but we also do not have any storage space.

When I saw Kathi Lipp’s book on Clutter Free I knew I wanted (NEEDED) to review it! Clutter Free

This book is fantastic so far but there’s just too much to share for one post! So, I’m going to put 21 days of clutter into 10 posts!

  • It starts!
  • Living Room
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • His Closet
  • My Closet
  • Office
  • Bedroom
  • Drawers
  • Full Book Review

I have to say first of all that I love the way Kathi Lipp writes. She makes sense, but more than just sense she takes you and shows you what you are doing wrong and WHY you are doing it wrong! But also what you may be doing right. For such a short book there is a LOT of information in here.

Being part of the launch team has not only allowed me to read this great book but to start getting my life in order! The goal for the year 2015 I am going to get rid of:

2000 items!

Maybe not everyone needs to do this but I know I need to! I don’t even save much but in this tiny house there just isn’t an option. What this little house HAS done for us is it has made us think outside of the box (pun intended) to find storage space.

If you could clutter free one place in your home where would it be and why? What’s there?


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3 Responses to “Clutter Free for 2015! Day 1”

  1. R_Hunt @ View From My Home

    Sounds like a good and informative book! We have a decent sized home but we still have clutter everywhere and it drives me crazy, but not crazy enough to tackle it all and keep it under better control. I guess I would choose the living room (family room) in which we have a sofa, loveseat, tv on tv stand, 2 end tables, a coffee table, bookcase, my desk and the dog bed! Whew!
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