Move Review: Captain America: Winter Soldier

April 5, 2014 Blog 2


Poster image courtesy of Disney Studies

Check out this gorgeous poster for the 3D Imax version of Captain America. If you cannot tell it is graphically appealing, as is the movie!

I have to give kudos to Marvel. This company knows how to weave striations throughout a plot. I mean at the end of this there were so many different ways that Marvel could take this that I was just awed. I know the way I am hoping they will take it though! But they really set themselves up so well that they just cannot go wrong.

In the first Captain America I was feeling for Steve a little and rooting for him but I wasn’t all up in my seat freaking out. Actually I’ve only seen that movie a handful of times since it’s been on dvd. I feel that this one, however, is completely different and I will probably re-watch multiple times. Hell, even leaving the theater I contemplated seeing it again! If that doesn’t ring success I don’t know what does!

The plot in this one is so deep that I actually forgot about some things until they came back around. My comic loving hubby would remind me of what was going on and I would get right back into the action. And honestly I’m really glad that they put The Black Widow in this, although they call her by her name, Natasha, instead of TBW. Fine by me, no matter what she goes by, this character is bad ass and definitely one of my favorites.

And then there is the villain. I love him! The Winter Soldier is so bad ass that if I wasn’t already cheering for the good guys I may have found myself cheering for him! He’s just that awesome… seriously.

And man oh man! This is full of a great cast of hotties! Girls… if you’re going out to see this just for your guy, don’t complain… you’ll have plenty to watch and enjoy, trust me 😉

All in all we had a great time. I enjoyed the plot, although I hated some of the twists, the entire thing kept me at the edge of my seat. Our popcorn was still full by the end of the movie… that has to say something! The only downside; it seemed a little long. Lots of violence so you may not want to bring young ones. Lots of kids were crying in our theater.

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2 Responses to “Move Review: Captain America: Winter Soldier”

  1. Angie @Angela's Anxious Life

    Speaking of seeing it more then once.. my husband did end up going again this weekend!! I noticed Scarlet’s character not called Black Widow too. I am not sure why… perhaps that is just a name given to her and isn’t supposed to be spoken out loud? I don’t know… that confused me. Did you stay for the two extra scenes during the credits?
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    • Christina

      I think that Captain America says her name like at least 10 times. Otherwise I may not have noticed it but it seemed so glaringly obvious that they want us to know her name! We stayed for the one and my hubby thought that would be it so we left! He found out later yesterday that there was a second! We were able to read what it was about though so that made me happy. Sad that we missed it but … uhh… I didn’t get up for anything, not one thing during that movie, so someone had to pee!