Book Review: Your Best Happily Ever After by Ginger Kolbaba

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Book Review: Your Best Happily Ever After by Ginger KolbabaYour Best Happily Ever After by Ginger Kolbaba
Published by Barbour Publishing on 2015-08-01
Genres: Christian Life, Religion, Women's Issues
Pages: 256
Source: NetGalley
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Cinderella. Snow White. Sleeping Beauty. Rapunzel. These beloved stories all conclude with, “. . .and they lived happily ever after.” We sigh, smile, and know there’s an amazing story of love, adventure, and redemption coming.           We all yearn for a fairy tale life, but too often our existence feels less like the pages of a storybook and more like a bad reality TV show. From poisoned apples (sin) and Ugly Stepsisters (joy-stealers) to magic mirrors (real beauty is more than skin-deep) and glass slippers (God’s perfect calling for us), the truth is that as daughters of God, we can live the perfect story the Author has written for our lives—we can experience the happily ever after that He has penned for us, now, regardless of our circumstances!           Writer, speaker, and surrogate fairy godmother Ginger Kolbaba offers encouragement, challenges, biblical insights, and a little humor on how God wants us to live and love our stories in the here and now.

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What a wonderful way to look at things! This fabulous book takes life as we know it and flips it on its head. The author, Ginger Kolbaba, is able to introduce the fairytales that we all know and love, into our every day lives.

She uses Hans Christian Anderson’s fairytales also, not the Disney versions! Going through the different tales Ginger takes a story and applies biblical scripture to it. How they apply, how they relate to each other, and then shows how we can relate these beautiful tales to our own lives. But she also shows the downside of what can happen when we pursue the things that we shouldn’t.

Here’s the problem when we go extreme in our pursuit of the happily ever after: we go extreme in our pursuit.

Comparison is the death of joy.

There has been a lot of downing of the damsel in distress stuff in the media about fairytale princesses and how they are just looking for their knight in shining armor to save and protect them but yet Ginger adds another entire discussion about how strong these females are PRIOR to meeting them. Snow White may be a bit naive but she never complained. I mean this poor gal’s Step Mom tried to kill her! Cinderella had a household of people that took advantage of her and here again she never said a word against them! In so many of these tells we see remarkable women that are full of strength, perseverance, and courage. Ginger just reminds us how great it is to be like one of these ladies and even better to address life scripturally as Ruth did.

I have yet to read the full bible but reading the story of Ruth really resonated with me. I HAVE complained when times are hard though and I think that is what makes Ruth and all of these other women so special. They are always positive even in the most dire of circumstances.

With every page I gained new insight into myself and into the bible. I wound up reading this twice and I think I will read it again in upcoming months because different passages jump out at me. The entertwining of scripture with fairytales was a marvelous and very compelling idea. I will never look at many of these stories in the same way.

And my favorite part of the book was a letter to a friend. I want to memorize this and send it to everyone that has ever been through trauma or grief, or that has lost a loved one. Such poignant, beautiful thoughts and given at such a time when most do not even know what to say!

May you be surrounded by God’s tangible presence and feel overwhelmed by his peace and comfort. May you somehow, some way, experience the unexplainable calm and the joy that God pours out, and may you swim in its depths – even in the darkest hours.

This book made me smile and cry. Just the above sentence makes my eyes well up. The gratitude and love and peace that Ginger must feel is how she is trying to help all of us to feel. To remember that this is our very own fairytale and through God we can have that happily ever after.


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Ginger Kolbaba is editor of discipleship and women’s resources, including Today’s Christian Woman magazine and Marriage, both award-winning publications of Christianity Today International. She has been a columnist for Let’s Worship and has published more than 250 articles. Also an accomplished book author, Ginger has written or contributed to fifteen books, including her most recent novel series, Secrets from Lulu’s Café, which includes Desperate Pastors’ Wives, A Matter of Wife and Death, and Katt’s in the Cradle. Ginger also teaches and speaks across the country. She’s appeared on national venues such as CNN’s Nancy Grace and Court TV’s Catherine Crier Live, as well as Family Life Radio and Moody Radio’s Midday Connection. When she isn’t chained to her computer, Ginger enjoys spending time with her husband motorcycling through the countryside, visiting Yellowstone National Park, walking her Doberman, reading good books, and talking theory with her friends about the television series Lost. She believes one of her greatest accomplishments would be dusting off her piano and treadmill and using them both—at least once this year. Visit her at

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