Book Review: You Own Me by Mary Catherine Gebhard

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Book Review: You Own Me by Mary Catherine GebhardYou Own Me by Mary Catherine Gebhard
Published by Trendlettrs on Expected publication: February 14th 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Love & Romance, Romance
Pages: 273
Source: NetGalley
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“I’ll love you until you break my heart. I’ll give you the broken pieces of my heart as an offering to you, because you own it. Whole, shattered, alive, or dead; you own my heart no matter what condition it’s in. I’ll stay with you until you figure out how to feel. I’ll stay with you even if you never do.”

This is a story about happiness, and how it doesn't simply happen because you fall in love.

Lennox is on the run from her ex-boyfriend. She had to drop everything, tell no one, and move to a new town, alone. She expected to be lonely, she expected to be afraid, but she never expected to meet a man named Vic who drove her crazy with lust and anger and called her “Lenny.” If it’s at all possible, Vic is more twisted than the man she ran away from.

She should ignore him, but they’re drawn to each other like magnets. Lennox ran from from Seattle to Santa Barbara to get away from violence, to create a new life, and to be something simple. Instead she’s found herself wrapped up in great friends and an epic love. This new life is the opposite of everything she wants, but it might just be everything she needs.

My Thoughts

Oh my… I wanted to enjoy this story. I so did! I did not NOT like Lennox or Vic but I wish their backstories were different.

First Lennox is running from a psycho ex who wants to kill her. That’s an issue! Then she finds a place and just happens to see this God like man and is instantly in lust. Already I have questions circling. Shouldn’t she have so many issues that she doesn’t want to talk to or be around men at all? Let alone taking the time and effort to fantasize about them when she also has night terrors. I don’t get it!!

Most of her story is about her ex and her trying to stay away from him. But of course he finds her in the end. HOW he finds her is ridiculous though. It is so far fetched, and maybe not completely impossible but let’s just say highly improbable. And nothing is said to back this up throughout the entire story so I had no idea and could not put any clues together.

Then we have Vic, the God. I get that he’s cute and he seems to have his own issues. He seems dangerous. What he does for a living also doesn’t make sense to me. Again, no clues. There is nothing pointing to his job. Nothing at all! The way he acts towards Lennox is the only indication that he is used to being in control. But again, that could be anything!

If I throw out the ideas of their past stories I actually like the two of them together. Lennox is a bit of a klutz and is ALWAYS getting hit in the head or falling down. I mean if you know you are this klutzy you should not take a waltz through the woods by yourself! The way Vic treats her afterwards, and of course the way she treats him is just silly. If this book started here without the back story though, I think I may have liked it. Insta love is so not my thing and it’s a trope I try to avoid, however, the characters are cute enough to go along with it but with the plot the way it is set up, none of it makes any sense.

So, I liked the characters, I think I liked how it ended (my inner jury is still out), and I enjoyed the intensity of the story. I did not like the backstory and the build up. It just seemed like everything was thrown together. If there were a second book though (maybe a bit more edited) then I think I would want to hear what was next for these two. As long as Lennox stays away from hills and alcohol!


Rating Report
2.5 / 5
Character Development
3 / 5
Writing Style
2.5 / 5
Personal enjoyment
3 / 5
2.5 / 5
Overall: 2.7 / 5



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