Book Review: Yesterday’s Gone Season Three by Sean Platt and David Wright

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Book Review: Yesterday’s Gone Season Three by Sean Platt and David WrightYesterday's Gone: Season Three by Sean Platt, David W. Wright
Series: Yesterday's Gone
Published by Collective Inkwell on July 29th 2012
Narrator: Brian Holsopple, Chris Patton, Maxwell Glick, R. C. Bray, Ray Chase, Tamara Marston
Length: 15 hrs and 43 mins
Genres: Apocalyptic, Sci Fi
Pages: 425
Source: AudioBook Reviewer
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This Season Three compilation includes Episodes 13-18 in their entirety.
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When I picked this up I had a different story in my head. As the authors explained the last few in the series, everything started tumbling back. How could I forget this fantastic story with such mesmerizing characters such as Bericio and Luca?! I loved the first two seasons on audible and was excited to get back into this one.

The beginning does start with a short recap, so if you’re reading these back to back that may not help, however, I finished season two quite some time ago so the recap was perfect. It does not bog the story down but instead pulls the reader into the chaos and allows them to get ready for more action packed apocalyptic yumminess!

I have loved these characters, mainly the aforementioned, since meeting them. They are characters whose personalities are really going to stick with you as the book progresses. This is great since this has quite a few characters and it can get messy trying to figure them all out. Somehow they all have different voices, probably helped out by the fascinating and very talented cast of narrators. After listening to The Martian, I’m still a fan of R.C. Bray but all of them did a fantastic job. Luka’s character is also helped to stand out by having a different narrator. Having a younger voice keeps the story line going.

The one critique, which was sort of weird, was that every once in a while, maybe once every two hours or so, there would be static on the audio. Almost like listening to an old record player. It just hiccups for a few seconds and moves on and maybe it was just a strange finish in the editing but that definitely pulled me out of listening to the story.

Other than that the story is fascinating. Seeing another side of Bericio and then having two of them, was probably my favorite of this. Ohhhh Bericio. This guy goes through hell. Luka goes through some stuff but nobody but Bericio has really gone through pain, not in the way he has anyway. It’s tough to listen to since I really, really like his character. Have to credit the authors for writing a character that not only sticks out in this story that is completely ridden with characters, but making him a villain that I absolutely love.

There is a lot of back and forth with the time line. Fortunately, each chapter starts with saying who the narrator of the chapter will be and what time line they are in. This takes a bit to get used to. I had to puzzle all of the times together to be able to get the full story of what was happening with each person. Just about an hour and a half in they all come together and it is a linear time frame from there on out. For some reason this type of thing normally irritates me but I am so into this story and these characters that I did not care about the authors jumping back and forth. It gave me back ground information to build off of so I understand more about each character’s motives. In this, that winds up being a very good thing.

I was curious at about a little more than an hour to go how this was going to end. I should not have been shocked when it ended on yet another cliff hanger! I will have to get season four immediately!

In short: Be ready for a ride. This was thrilling, scary, and will make you want to stay up late reading.

Do you like when a book jumps back and forth in the time line? What is appealing or not about this type of storytelling?

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