Book Review: Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett

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Book Review: Wyrd Sisters by Terry PratchettWyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett
Series: Discworld #6
Published by HarperCollins on February 6th 2001
Narrator: Nigel Planar
Genres: Fantasy, Fiction
Pages: 261
Source: Purchase
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Things like crowns had a troublesome effect on clever folks; it was best to leave all the reigning to the kind of people whose eyebrows met in the middle.

Three witches gathered on a lonely heath. A king cruelly murdered, his throne usurped by his ambitious cousin. A child heir and the crown of the kingdom, both missing. The omens are not auspicious for the new incumbent, for whom ascending this tainted throne is a more complicated affair than you might imagine, particularly when the blood on your hands just won't wash off and you're facing a future with knives in it...

My Thoughts

I am really feeling like The Witches are bringing Terry Pratchett’s genius out. He is able to create puns that I would have never thought of! Being able to understand these puns makes me all excited and once again I just want to read more. More! More! More!

The witches series is quite extraordinary. In Wyrd Sisters we get to see the Witches even more and how they use, or do not use their powers. It takes all three to get to the bottom of this tale and to figure out how they are going to get rid of the worst king in history. Nanny is trapped in iron, Magrat is falling in love with a fool (literal), and Granny is talking to trees! How will they figure this out?

Reading Granny Weatherwax watching a play was hilarious! It’s so great how such a smart woman can have times of gullibility. Magrat and Nanny try to explain the play and it just makes things worse! Best to just put your hat over your eyes and let Granny do what she does best!

“Granny turned slowly in her seat to look at the audience. They were staring at the performance, their faces rapt. The words washed over them in the breathless air. This was real. This was more real even than reality. This was history. It might not be true, but that had nothing to do with it.

Granny had never had much time for words. They were so insubstantial. Now she wished that she had found the time. Words were indeed insubstantial. They were as soft as water, but they were also as powerful as water and now they were rushing over the audience, eroding the levees of veracity, and carrying away the past.”


“The theater troubled her. It had a magic of its own, one that didn’t belong to her, one that wasn’t in her control. It changed the world, and said things were otherwise than they were. And it was worse than that. It was magic that didn’t belong to magical people. It was commanded by ordinary people, who didn’t know the rules. They altered the world because it sounded better.”

They also get to play with demons, whom of course Granny has no real empathy nor respect for. I mean, they’re demons! Magrat, on the other hand, thinks they are remarkable and should be dealt with in a really witchy way. Granny would prefer to use headology and just tell them to go away!

I have to admit though, as hilarious as this is, and it is quite fascinatingly funny, I have not yet read Macbeth. I have read that this has many parallels with Macbeth so I think I must go and read and then come back to this so I can get all of Terry Pratchett’s puns. He uses the real world to make the Discworld but instead of just being satire he puts it up to a mirror and turns it all on its head… again… brilliant!

If you haven’t read any Witch Discworld novels, these can be read out of order. I rather like reading them in order though. It gives them more depth and then you also realize just why everyone is terrified of Granny Weatherwax. Nobody understands anyone that can use headology! This also has a good deal of Death in it also. The personification of, that is. He is another brilliant character that only shows his face (errr… skull) at odd times. He loves cats so don’t talk bad about them when he’s around!

All fives for hilarity!

Favorite quote:

“Gods prefer simple, vicious games, where you Do Not Achieve Transcendence but Go Straight To Oblivion; a key to the understanding of all religion is that a god’s idea of amusement is Snakes and Ladders with greased rungs.”

Do you have a favorite witch or a favorite Pratchett book?

If you’re looking for a witch book that is not Pratchett… Anne Rice’s The Witching Hour is another great! Less satire and a lot more paranormal.

Witch Novels in Order:

  1. Equal Rites
  2. Wyrd Sisters
  3. Witches Abroad
  4. Lords and Ladies
  5. Maskerade
  6. Carpe Jugulum
  7. (Tiffany Aching) The Wee Free Men
  8. Hat Full of Sky
  9. Wintersmith
  10. I Shall Wear Midnight


terry pratchett bannerThe order:


  • Ankh Morpork
  1. Pyramids
  2. Moving Pictures
  3. Small Gods
  4. The Truth
  5. Monstrous Regiment
  6. Going Postal
  7. Making Money
  8. Unseen Academicals
  9. Raising Steam
  • Death
  1. Mort
  2. Reaper Man
  3. Soul Music
  4. Hogfather
  • The Watch
  1. Guards! Guards!
  2. Men at Arms
  3. Feet of Clay
  4. Jingo
  5. The Fifth Elephant
  6. Night Watch
  7. Thud
  8. Snuff
  • The Witches
  1. Equal Rites
  2. Wyrd Sisters
  3. Witches Abroad
  4. Lords and Ladies
  5. Maskerade
  6. Carpe Jugulum
  • Tiffany Aching (who is also a witch)
  1. The Wee Free Men
  2. Hat Full of Sky
  3. Wintersmith
  4. I Shall Wear Midnight
  • Rincewind
  1. The Colour of Magic
  2. The Light Fantastic
  3. Sourcery
  4. Eric
  5. Interesting Times
  6. The Last Continent
  7. The Last Hero
  8. The Science of Discworld
  9. The Science of Discworld II: Globe
  10. The Science of Discworld III: Darwin’s Watch
  • Or read the Discworld in order
  1. The Colour of Magic
  2. The Light Fantastic
  3. Equal Rites
  4. Mort
  5. Sourcery
  6. Wyrd Sisters
  7. Pyramids
  8. Guards! Guards!
  9. Eric
  10. Moving Pictures
  11. Reaper Man
  12. Witches Abroad
  13. Small Gods
  14. Lords and Ladies
  15. Men at Arms
  16. Soul Music
  17. Interesting Times
  18. Maskerade
  19. Feet of Clay
  20. Hogfather
  21. Jingo
  22. The Last Continent
  23. Carpe Jugulum
  24. The Fifth Elephant
  25. The Truth
  26. Thief of Time
  27. The Last Hero
  28. The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents
  29. Night Watch
  30. The Wee Free Men
  31. Monstrous Regiment
  32. Hat Full of Sky
  33. Going Postal
  34. Thud!
  35. Wintersmith
  36. Making Money
  37. Unseen Academicals
  38. I Shall Wear Midnight
  39. Snuff
  40. Raising Steam

OR! Just pick a book up and start reading. Although I think starting with Guards! Guards! is the way to go but I am biased to Captain Vimes. I have a fictional crush on him.








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