Book Review: Winter Hopes by Jennifer Gracen

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Book Review: Winter Hopes by Jennifer GracenWinter Hopes by Jennifer Gracen
Series: Seasons Of Love, #2
Published by Booktrope on July 1, 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Source: Booktrope
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Author Jennifer Gracen reunites sexy, sophisticated Sam and sweet but wounded Lydia in Book Two of the Seasons of Love series, ”Winter Hopes”. Newly divorced mom Lydia is still getting back on her feet, and still reeling from her intense encounter with Sam at a friend’s destination wedding. As they tentatively explore the demands and rewards of long-distance dating, their instant connection evolves against the vibrant backdrop of New York City. Each begins to trust again – opening up is difficult, even painful, but the joy and hope they feel in each other’s arms demands they lay their hearts on the line. Can their love survive the miles that separate them, and the complexities of nurturing a relationship via email, text and phone? And when Sam finally meets Lydia’s family, will old resentments and unspoken biases bring them closer together or driv e them apart? Full of the passion and tension any newly-joined couple experiences, this steamy yet hopeful book lays the foundation for Lydia’s budding relationship with Sam, and offers hope for second chances and a deep appreciation for the value of a loyal friend.

Autumn Getaway (Seasons of Love Book 1) Winter Hopes (Seasons of Love Book 2)
My Thoughts

I’m so excited that I got to read this pretty soon after reading Autumn Getaway. Of course the downside to reading a book in a series so closely to the one before is when the author decides to put in reminders, so it almost seems like you’re re-reading the books prior. In this particular case I feel that Jennifer Gracen did a lovely job covering some of the important issues that came up but did not do it to a point where I felt bogged down. Little reminders here and there are necessary when you have a series, and she did it wonderfully.

I have to admit, I kept reading and I felt myself waiting for the shoe to drop. I just knew there had to be a character arc or something bad that was going to happen. There is just too much good, fun, romantic stuff in this for there NOT to be something bad happening, right? But there really was not. It was just like the first book, a very subtly romantic, easy read. And in some parts, no so subtle!

I felt like this was a great book two, the characters are getting to know each other, I’m getting to know them more. The relationship is growing but there are still concerns from both sides because hey, relationships are a big freaking commitment! They need to be taken seriously! And Sam and Lydia did have some serious conversations but considering that this goes from Autumn to Winter I would feel that this is the perfect time to do that. Especially since Lydia has a child!

There’s only one or two things that I still have questions about but for the most part the story has gradually and quite easily progressed. Some heated moments but nothing too serious. Funnily enough I loved the “not argument” that they got into. Or in this case, did not get into. I think the way people argue shows a lot about who they are and how they both handled that situation was fabulous, and truly real!

And that is what I love about Jennifer’s writing. It is just so real. I still felt like I was reading a great book, and the fairytale romance is there but with the edges of normal, every day life. It’s fabulous!

In short: The only reason I’m sad about reading this is because I now have to wait for book three and I’m not a very patient person! I am very excited about the next book and the growth in their relationship.

Still curious if a shoe is going to drop though…



The Author

Jennifer Gracen hails from Long Island, New York, where she lives with her two young sons. She loves to write contemporary romance for readers who seek better days, authentic characters, and satisfying endings. When she isn’t taking care of her kids, doing freelance copy editing/proofreading, reading, or talking to friends on Twitter and Facebook, Jennifer writes. And a result of that writing is the 4 book SEASONS OF LOVE series, published by Booktrope Publishing. Book 1, AUTUMN GETAWAY, was released in April 2014. Book 2, WINTER HOPES, will be released July 1, 2014.
Jennifer is a member of the Romance Writers of America and is active in the Long Island Romance Writers (RWA Chapter 160). In 2014, she is serving as Secretary for the LIRW, her first time as a board member. She’s shocked her family hasn’t yet staged an intervention for her addiction to social media.

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