Book Review: Users by Stacy & Jennifer Buck

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Book Review: Users by Stacy & Jennifer BuckUsers by Stacy and Jennifer Buck
Series: My Angels Have Demons #1
Published by Prime Evil Publishing on November 15th 2014
Narrator: Rich Camillucci
Length: 5 hrs and 1 min
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 154
Source: AudioBook Reviewer
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A pandemic is spreading through the streets of Seattle. Drugs run rampant through its population and no one knows this better than Carter, an ex heroin junkie, and lifetime User. Born with a super heated heart, Carter can unleash fire through his pores, igniting anything he touches.
After his girlfriend leaves him, Carter's five years of sobriety are put to the test. When a drug deal goes bad, he finds himself in a pickle with the police. After telling a little white lie, that leaves him going head to head with one of the biggest drug cartels in the country, Carter must fight for his life. Will his powers be enough to save him? And will he maintain his sanity and sobriety?
Find out in this first issue of Users.

My Thoughts

This completely caught my attention from the first word. It sort of reminded me of that movie Push, where people have extraordinary abilities but do not always use them for good. The main character, Carter, is a complete mess, even with his abilities.

Carter’s girlfriend leaves him and even though he has been sober for five years, that’s the first thing he decides to go get; drugs. And because of that decision all hell breaks loose! He also always decides to go to the absolutely wrong people at the worst times.

The narrator, Rich Camillucci, matched the persona of Carter perfectly. His voice allowed me to get into the story faster than I may have otherwise. The only slight criticism I have is that it seemed like he was hesitating at times. It sounded like he was hesitating. Not even for a full second but a split second that seemed to slow a sentence a fraction. Maybe it was how he felt that Carter would react and feel about all the crap that happens to him. The hesitating spots were not so many that it stopped me being able to enjoy the story though.

And as good as Rich Camillucci was with Carter, he was that great with inflection and allowing the anticipation of the story to build. This is told as a story while Carter is talking to his (well needed) therapist. It jumps back and forth from speaking with the therapist to his actual story and I loved it! I thought it was a very neat way to set up a story and to give us an insight into Carter’s messed up life. I normally do not prefer to jump back and forth in time but it was done seamlessly.

The whole portion of the later parts of the story when Carter has to go into hiding did not make sense at first and had me questioning the characters motives. All this pans out in the end. It winds up making perfect sense, even if it does not at first. It actually helps the story flow. Although I would not have guessed things were going to happen they way they do. But Carter knows the other characters and he obviously knows them well enough to anticipate their next actions.

Great plot, interesting characters, and fascinating story telling makes for one very dramatic story. The only thing that I did not like was Carter’s whining about halfway through. Man, this guy can whine! My hubby and I listened to the middle of this story and sadly that was all he wanted to listen to. Had he listened more I think he would have enjoyed how it ended. Do not stop halfway! Get through Carter’s whining and move along!

Rating Report
5 / 5
Character Development
5 / 5
Writing Style
5 / 5
Personal enjoyment
4.5 / 5
5 / 5
Overall: 4.9 / 5



The Author

Stacy and Jennifer Buck are a husband and wife writing duo born and raised in Seattle WA. Having known each other since they were sixteen years old makes their writing together a rich experience not only themselves, but also for their readers. Shortly after marrying they began writing Squanto Undead, an alternate history serial novel based on the mysterious historical figure. Stacy has been an archer and outdoorsmen all his life and brings that realism to the character. They live and work together with their five kids, two cats, and dog in a suburb just outside Seattle.

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