Book Review: Tug of Love by Glynnis Rogero

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Book Review: Tug of Love by Glynnis RogeroTug of Love by Glynnis Rogero
Published by Glimmer Publishing on January 10th 2015
Genres: Romance
Pages: 318
Source: Author
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Love romance? Love to have your funny bone tickled?
Look no further this book is for you.

A little bit Stephanie Plum, a little bit Emma…
Chelsey – Pure Textuality

I thought this would make an adorable movie…
Christy – Captivated Reading

I'm madder than a baby gator being swung by its tail! My best friend since 2nd grade, Lucy, just told me I need to see a shrink because of my distrust of men.

Me, Jamie Fulton, crazy? No way. Unless you call it crazy to have trusted my schizo father, and my diabolical ex-boyfriend with my heart.

No shrink – no way - NOT GONNA HAPPEN! I barely restrain myself from throwing a great big ole' hissy fit right here in the parking lot of my office building.

In Lucy's defense, I am a divorce attorney who only accepts female clients, and whose disdain for men is legendary. So much so that it has earned me the moniker of 'The Barracuda' behind my back. Do I care? About as much as the size of a no-see-um.

So. . . Lucy already had some heavy ammunition; even before I met a gorgeous man named Mick and proceeded to reject all of his attempts at flirtation in the weeks following our meeting.

Undeterred by my outburst, Lucy calls me out using dirty, underhanded tactics. She takes my shoulders, looks directly into my eyes and says sweetly, "Don't you want your very own romantic love story, Jamie?" Then the kicker, "Don't you want babies?"

"I do want babies, but I'm perfectly willing to forego romance and go to the 'bank'!" I bark, using my hands to make the quotation marks.

Lucy has the nerve to laugh in my face.

Then Lucy does something that sends me into a tailspin. Will Lucy ever be able to forgive me for what comes next? Will I ever be able to trust men? The jury's still out.

My Thoughts

I was really worried this was going to turn into a love triangle gone to hell. What Glynnis came up with was outrageously fun! The character arcs are a bit harsh but it all winds up being great in the end.

Being distrustful is something that I think we all have to deal with. But Jamie takes her distrust in men to an entirely new level! Her friend is trying to help her and winds up actually telling Jamie that she needs to see a shrink! Not something any of us would take lightly.

What is hilarious about this little love story is that Jamie is a very good attorney. She is able, and willing, to slam men in divorce court. Most of the guys she is up against deserve it too so she has a nickname in the courtroom, The Barracuda. And she lives up to that name. But sadly, nobody gets to see the real Jamie behind all that hostility! Not even cutesy Mr. Cutepants after his dog clobbers and then has the gal to lick her!

It just gets funnier from there. There is some drama and a character arc that nearly had me in tears but the ending is worth all of it!

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