Book Review: The Zen Diet Revolution by Martin and Philippa Faulks

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Book Review: The Zen Diet Revolution by Martin and Philippa FaulksThe Zen Diet Revolution on January 1st 2013
Genres: Non-Fiction
Pages: 256
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The Zen Diet Revolution is no ordinary diet – because it isn’t just a diet, it’s a way of life, based on spiritual principles and small but permanent changes.

The problem with all fad diets like the Cabbage Soup Diet, Atkins Diet, Maple Syrup Diet and many, many others is that they don’t encourage a permanent change. In fact they introduce a change that it would be extremely unhealthy to maintain for the long term.

Anyone who has tried one of these approaches for any length of time will know that these diets bring nothing but low blood sugar, bad moods, hunger cravings and disruption to digestive function and to life patterns. All the focus is on the initial loss of weight and then the dieter goes back to their normal eating habits without solving the issues that caused the problems in the first place.

With the Zen Diet it is different, since the focus is on the small but permanent changes that you will continue for life. Each change is a positive evolution in behaviour, that brings vitality, harmony and well-being. No big dramatic change, just small, positive ones. The Zen Diet is the first diet to offer a long-term solution based on Kaizen and other harmonious spiritual principles from Japan.

This is the first diet, also, to work in harmony with how your body burns fat. You make subtle adjustments to how you eat so that the nutrients feed your body while starving your fat stores. All the changes in the Zen Diet work synergistically to transform your physical health, lifestyle and mental outlook, profoundly altering your view of your self and your interaction with food.

The Zen Diet will teach you the art of renewal and the secrets of effortless attitude adjustment. Learn the art of making new habits and permanent positive changes.

My Thoughts

What an amazing, fantastic, fabulously written, chock full of information book! This is not just about diets. The title doesn’t exactly let us know that but this is about life. Meditation, what we eat, how we live, all mixed up in one book.

I actually enjoy the meditation information more than the information about diets, surprisingly but all together this makes for one very enjoyable read. Of course to really be into this you have to want to live the kind of life where you may want to meditate, or do yoga, that kind of thing. If my husband read this book I think he may get through five pages, maybe, without then putting it down and grabbing a beer.

But that’s also the great thing about this, it’s not about just throwing you into this huge lifestyle change but giving you baby steps so your body and your mind will get used to these (radical) but necessary changes. One thing that really shocked me was that Martin says if you haven’t exercised in a while…

spend five minutes on your first session and work up by one minute each time.

I find this kind of information to be hugely useful! I’m the type to jump in and just enjoy that 45 minute work out after not working out for a year! And the next day my body is wanting to kill me! I think this, along with many other small lifestyle changes, is what will make this work even if no other diets work for you.

The only downside, and this may just be the Kindle version, is that I really enjoy seeing the pictures of recipes and there are none. The recipes sound great (well most of them) but not having those little pictures just does something to my mind. I think that would have been a huge improvement.

Whether you’re dieting or just looking for a way for your life to be more peaceful, this is an excellent read!

The Author

Martin Faulks has been a student of the oriental arts since he was five years old. He trained in Zen Buddhism in Japan, has a black belt in the Korean martial art, Kuk Sool Won and is proficient in the mystical disciplines of China including Tai Chi, Meditation, Qi Gong and the legendary form of Yi Jin Jing. His previous books include Secrets or Rejuvenation: Zen Warrior Exercises and Becoming a Ninja Warrior.

Philippa Faulks originally trained as an aromatherapist and worked extensively within the health food trade; her main areas of study were herbology and the everyday life of the Ancient Egyptians. She lives and works in Suffolk, England. Her previous books include: The Masonic Magician and The Secrets of Meditation.



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