Book Review: The Tipping Point by Walter Danley

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I received this book for free from BTSe Magazine in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: The Tipping Point by Walter DanleyThe Tipping Point by Walter Danley
Published by Marble Arch Communications on May 5th 2013
Genres: Mystery, Thriller
Pages: 352
Source: BTSe Magazine
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WHEN TOM BURKE dies skiing Aspen Mountain, his business partner Garth Wainwright must find his killer. Burke was murdered, and Wainwright seeks the cause. Cautioned to leave it to the authorities, Wainwright won’t let go. His two closest partners, Tom Shaw and Robert Keating don’t believe his suspicions. Searching for the killer unearths a conspiracy of millions of embezzled dollars and partner collaboration. Whom can he trust?
Suddenly, a second partner is murdered. The fraud and the murders are connected. Exposure of the fraud will destroy the company; the SEC will shut it down. Wainwright is concerned for his personal safety and net worth. One of his partners is a killer.

When Wainwright falls in love with Lacey Kinkaid, a former Boston criminal prosecutor, they devise a plan to smoke out the guilty partners, without exposing the fraud to the SEC & FBI. A perilous dance of deception implements the complicated strategy. The plan forces the killer to surface … and then … another partner dies.
Partner Bennie Rubens contracted the murders from Ariel Amiti, an ex-Israeli major, former Mossad agent and assassin. Rubens escapes to the Bahamas, accompanied by Wainwright’s former lover, BJ Dreaver. Wainwright and the FBI are close on his trail.

Ten business partners succumb in four assassinations, one suicide, and three bankruptcies leaving Wainwright and Shaw to exorcise greed, complicity, and fraud and restructure the company to its former acclaim.

my thoughts doneWow… talk about intrigue and mystery and politics! I agreed to review this knowing that I wasn’t a fan of thrillers and I told Walter that upfront but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with thrillers lately and this one is no exception.

It was a bit slow at the beginning and did take me a bit to get into but overall, especially for someone who doesn’t like thrillers, I thought this was pretty good. There are some weird moments, some issues with characters that were just strange. Like the assassin, I don’t get that guy, but overall this was an interesting story and one I’m glad I stuck with. Even though he’s a bit on the strange side I am finding myself wanting to know more about him and the other characters in this story. I think that says a lot about how Walter wrote this!

And speaking of writing, minus the few slow parts I really enjoyed reading Walter’s writing. I think if I were reading something non-thrilling that I would have been absolutely in love and I’m looking forward to what else he puts out there!

Lots of intrigue and intensity in this and really I would think this is a go to book for those that love to read thrillers!

the authorWalter Danley took 20 years to write The Tipping Point. It’s not just that he types slowly, the people who inspired the story, the companies and transactions he experienced during his career in commercial real estate, these were not easy to recreate. The firm, the characters, conflicts, conspiracy, fraud, sex, murder, and partner greed of the story never happened, and the syndication business of the 70s and 80s in The Tipping Point no longer exist, thanks to legislation intended to halt corrupt tax shelters but instead decimated a multi-billion dollar industry. The Tipping Point reflects this time.

Danley’s blue collar background is far from the high-flying characters, turf wars and mystery of The Tipping Point. Born an Indiana Hoosier, Danley’s family moved to California when his father got work as a machinist in a World War II defense plant. Much later, Walter served his country as a Navy Hospital Corpsman, then in the Fleet Marine Force as a medic. Following his honorable discharge, he sold wood products to the construction trades and attended college at night until a developer client recruited him into commercial real estate, where he spent his working career on the investment side of the business.

Danley’s proudest accomplishments are his five grown sons. He credits the wonderful influence of their stepmother, Christopher Norris, Broadway, film and television actress. Walter and Christopher were married for eighteen years during the boys’ formative years.

Danley is a veteran of four decades of real estate investments on a national platform. He authored the college course, Creative and Unconventional Finance and lectured at 5 campuses of University of California. In addition, he served on the UCLA Real Estate Advisory Board for 3 years. Walter returned to school in mid-career, at Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and Management and earned an MBA. He did post graduate work in Management Theory at the Claremont Graduate School of Business.

Walter now lives in the Texas Hill Country, where he works on the sequel to his suspense thriller, The Tipping Point as well as a third novel, which he describes as an historical western with a fantasy twist.


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