Book Review: The Living End by Craig Schaefer

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Book Review: The Living End by Craig SchaeferThe Living End (Daniel Faust #3) by Craig Schaefer
Published by Demimonde Books on August 27th 2014
Narrator: Adam Verner
Length: 9 hrs and 31 mins
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: August 27th 2014
Source: AudioBook Reviewer
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As the FBI closes in on the Las Vegas underworld, Daniel Faust -- grifter, thief, and sorcerer -- isn't the only one feeling the heat. Half-demon racket boss Nicky Agnelli is fighting to hang onto his empire, leaving a trail of dead informants in his wake, while Daniel's ex-girlfriend Jennifer rallies her forces on the street and aims her sights at Nicky's crown.
Meanwhile, homeless people are vanishing by the dozens. Daniel has bigger problems to worry about, but a plea from an old friend sends him on a search for answers. What he finds is a conspiracy twenty years in the making, involving a power-hungry senator, occult experiments, murderous British mercenaries...and Lauren Carmichael, Daniel's nemesis.
From a gunfight in the Arizona badlands to unearthing buried secrets in a New York laboratory, the hunt is on. With Lauren's deadly plan revealed and time running out, Daniel and his crew will stop at nothing to take her down. She's got the law in her pocket and a hired army at her back. He's got black magic, bullets, and the art of the con. It's high noon in Vegas and when the dust settles, only one side will be left standing.
May the best villain win.

My thoughts


Daniel! How does he do it? I love how Crag Schaefer writes these books. There is so much plot that I can never imagine how Faust is going to get out of the mess. And it is normally the mess that he has created.

This one is no different. There is a bit more from the previous stories so technically you could read this without reading the others. However, I would recommend reading them in order. Although there are a few reminders for the first two books, it still is not enough to really give you the sense of the characters and all that they have gone through.

That said, there are all the same old characters in this. Thank goodness too! Book three and they are starting to feel like family. Adam Verner once again brings the characters to life. I love that he is able to pull off a bunch of different accents. The new one in this is from a military guy with a Cockney type accent. Very thick but also very recognizable. All of his characters are like this. The Scottish brogue from Caitlyn is still my favorite but all are easy to distinguish.

The production also had a few things added in for this one. Special sound effects that I did not remember from the others. Superbly done and really added to the story.

One thing that surprises me about Craig’s writing is that he withholds some of the information that puts the entire plot together. He brings everything together at the very end but by doing this he allows the reader to be just as surprised as the characters in the book! Now, normally I think this may annoy me, but with this particular story, withholding some of the information makes sense. I’m not saying I LOVE it but I am really happy when it all comes together. Still just as shocked as everyone else in the plot also, which is saying something for the writing! I can never figure out what is going to happen.

Like the other books, Daniel Faust is as crazy in this and there are even more characters for him to play with! These plots are absolutely brilliant and I cannot wait to listen to the next!

Rating Report
5 / 5
Character Development
5 / 5
Writing Style
5 / 5
Personal enjoyment
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Overall: 5 / 5


The Author

About Craig Schaefer

By the time he was four years old, Craig Schaefer knew he wanted to be a writer. He also wanted to be an astronaut, a private eye, and a fire truck, so nobody paid much attention. Other passions came and went with age, but the love of writing remained. He cut his teeth on the crime thrillers of Elmore Leonard and Richard Stark, which may explain a thing or two about the person he is today.

Exploring other genres he soon latched onto horror and weird fiction, falling hard for the worlds of Clive Barker and H.P. Lovecraft. The books of the Daniel Faust series are written in honor of all the writers who shaped him, blending gangsters, guns and black magic in a manner not unlike, he hopes, chocolate and peanut butter.

Research for the Faust novels has led Craig down some curious alleys -- sometimes literally -- and to conversations with interesting and occasionally frightening people. His reference bookshelf, stocked with tomes covering the spectrum from criminology to demonology, has been variously described as "disturbing," "a bit eccentric," and "the reason I'm not dating that guy anymore."

While he considers Las Vegas his second home and visits every chance he gets, Craig presently lives in Joliet, Illinois, the home of the Blues Brothers. He dwells in what was once a turn of the century convent, though he has never seen the alleged (and obligatory) ghostly nuns. The pipes do rattle in the night, though, and if you're standing in just the right spot, they sound like the pitter-patter of children's feet rushing by on the floor just above you.

When he's not behind the keyboard, he can be found visiting Chicago's historic museums, haunting libraries for inspiration, and spending too much time gaming while he should be writing. He also dabbles in sleight of hand, though unlike Daniel Faust, he's not very good at it.

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