Book Review: The Contamination of Sandra Wolfe by D.J. Goodman

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Book Review: The Contamination of Sandra Wolfe by D.J. GoodmanThe Contamination of Sandra Wolfe (Z7 Book 2) by D.J. Goodman
Series: Z7 #2
on September 9th 2014
Narrator: Coleen Marlo
Length: 8 hrs and 22 mins
Genres: Horror, zombie
Source: AudioBook Reviewer
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Three years have passed since Edward Schuett woke up to find that he had been a zombie for the last fifty years. With the help of his gun-toting friend Rae and the scientist Dr. Bloss he has established a colony for Z7s, those like him that were once considered the walking dead but now just want to lead normal lives. They live in secret, knowing the outside world will look on them with fear and panic if it discovers they exist.
Then they discover Sandra Wolfe. A rebellious teen, she is a Z7 like the others except she is different. She is more feral and less in control of her Z7 powers. Her presence disrupts the fragile community at the worst possible time, for someone from the outside has finally discovered their colony. The world is about to know who they are and what they are capable of doing.
Now, with outside forces finally looking in on them, Edward and Rae must get a handle on Sandra quick. If they don’t she might accidentally turn the world against them all- and cause irreparable damage in the process that will destroy everything Edward has worked for.


My thoughts

Pleasantly surprised with this one after my last zombie debacle. This has a Sci Fi twist that goes very well with the zombie apocalypse.

Sandra is just like any other girl that just woke up. Except for the fact that she looks like a zombie and smells. And she can do things other survives of the zombie plague cannot even think of two weeks after waking up, much less two hours!

What’s interesting about this is that people really do not know why they woke up. They have memories of when they were human but cannot really remember turning zombie. Or can remember just a few glimpses that horrify them too much to delve into. The majority of the population still hates zombies, obviously) so the Z7’s are in hiding, worried what the world will think of them.

Then Sandra comes in. Her abilities are far beyond what anyone has every seen. She’s just a teenaged girl that is confused and upset. And frankly doesn’t know how to make good decisions. This is one of those books where I was a tad worried how far the author was going to take the drama. There is just so much of it! It all makes sense though and surrounds Sandra and her abilities. Never did I feel like he pulled any punches, nor did D.J. push too much violence, although do not take that to mean that there is not graphic violence because there is! Fabulous news for those that love blood and guts and zombies eating brains.

A lot of the drama in this actually comes from humans. I think this is how it would really be. Humans are just as crazy as zombies when it comes down to it. In the end it is whether or not we see the monstrosity inside of us that counts.

The narration, done by Coleen Marlo, was fantastic. I was easily able to tell all of the characters apart. Coleen also is able to create small pauses in her story telling that allows for the horror to really sink in before she moves on. It’s like white space in art, without it there isn’t a picture! I absolutely love this and want to read (or listen) to more of this series. 

And can I talk about that cover for a minute? Brilliantly done! The full picture looks like a zombiefied Scarlett Johanssen by Dean Samed @DeanSamed or if you follow DeviantArt check out more of this beautiful artwork at Conzpiracy.


One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarHalf a Star
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