Book Review: The Cambion by Paul W. Nielsen

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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: The Cambion by Paul W. NielsenThe Cambion by Nielson, Paul W
Published by Morehead Publishing Inc on May 12th 2014
Genres: Horror, Paranormal
Pages: 240
Source: Author
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On a trip to Gettysburg, Dr. Beth Carmichael and her husband, Casey, uncover much more than Civil War history. Beth discovers a connection to a past life when she encounters the ghost of her young son, killed by the cruel mistress of an orphanage. Both the ghost of the small boy and the demon who killed him follow the couple home. The beautifully wicked succubus targets Beth's husband in a bid for his soul.

Beth and Geraldine Knight, a paranormal researcher, determine their only hope of saving them all is to destroy the demon. Unfortunately, one of the ingredients necessary to solve their problem is impossible to obtain — unless Beth is willing to do some very gruesome "collecting" from the morgue.

On the trail of a horrific murder, Police Sergeant Mark Stoner is in close pursuit when Beth and Geraldine finally confront the Queen of all succubi, Nahema. The shocking triple-twist ending leaves the reader wanting more, but hoping the nightmare is over. Is it?

My Thoughts

It’s hard to fight evil when it seems that it comes in phantom form!

What I enjoyed about this book was the paranormal. Completely different from a lot of books that I’ve read and really incredible way to bring a supernatural being to life.

I’m not sure I totally loved the characters though. As someone that prefers analytical thinking I would think that Beth would also have a hard time accepting the weird crap that is going on around her. It is kind of in her face but it is all just so weird and she doesn’t take the time to stop and study it as a doctor (I think) would. She just completely accepts all this strange crap. She grew on me but it took a while.

And then her husband is very strange. He starts not technically flirting but flirting with his work friend and I just wanted to smack him! I mean come on…  But that portion is just a little bit, once he starts seeing these strange things himself he starts to support Beth even though the stuff is really just crazy.

All in all, I enjoyed the plot. The way Nahema was introduced was fascinating and I thought she was a great villain. She’s totally evil and you don’t find that in a lot of books lately.

REALLY enjoyed the ending!

In short:

Fun, easy horror. You have to just take some of it with a grain of salt or the entire plot will be ruined. Just go with it and trust the author.


The Author

I have always loved to read. As a child, reading gave me a window to a large and wonderful world. As an adult, reading has provided an escape from my hectic life as an ER physician. I have always admired authors but never saw myself becoming one.

When I was a college freshman my English Composition professor took pity on me because I was a pre-med major and let me slide by with a B in her course. When I finally decided I needed to write a book, the first attempts were pitiful. However, I was never one to give up on a project and finally completed The Second Son, due to be published soon.

My second book, The Cambion, was simply a chance event. When a plot line so irresistible presented itself, I couldn’t pass it up. It was never my plan to write a horror novel but the result was worth the effort. Writing this book was, as they say, the most fun I could have with my clothes on. The Cambion is now available in paperback from and will soon be out as an ebook.

They say everyone suffers through an authors first book. This was certainly the case with me and I will always be thankful to my wife, family and friends who encouraged and tolerated me during my first project.

I am currently working on three other books; a prequel to The Second Son, a sequel to The Cambion, and a fresh work, The Search for Créme Br�ûlée.

Dr. Paul W. Nielsen lives with his wife, Deborah, on a 236 acre ranch at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains where he continues to work as an ER physician. His hobbies include bonsai horticulture, horses and hunting. He did not start writing until he was fifty years old.

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