Book Review: The Apocalypse Survivors by Peter Meredith

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Book Review: The Apocalypse Survivors by Peter MeredithThe Apocalypse Survivors by Peter Meredith
Series: The Undead World #2
on March 14th 2014
Narrator: Basil Sands
Length: 14 hrs and 54 mins
Genres: Apocalyptic, zombie
Pages: 425
Source: AudioBook Reviewer
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This is not an uplifting tale of heroes and heroines. Get that out of your head now. It's a tale of survival. It’s a tale of dried blood beneath your nails, of new pain, of gnawing hunger and unrelenting loneliness, of fear and hatred, and yes, of courage.
In The Apocalypse, the great majority of the men and women who fought with honor, with a sense of duty and loyalty, gave their lives for others, leaving those without honor to flourish and rule. Their rule is not marked by decency or civility, but by wicked brutality.
Yet, in some very rare cases, the kind and the noble survived. These hardened survivors learned to live among the undead, but now they must learn how to stay alive among creatures that are far more monstrous: their fellow man.

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I need a moment.

Like seriously.

What the hell Peter?!

This book has made me freak out in so many ways. Book one set the bar for the horror, from both zombies and humans, and this one just raised it. I think my heart was palpitating through a good 80% if not more! This is like running a freaking marathon, but do NOT think about stopping because there is a horde of zombies and crazy people on your heels. If you stop for a second they will rape, enslave, or torture you, just for the fun of it. And that’s just the humans.

You know there are a lot of zombie books out there so it takes a really good writer, and an interesting story, to get people hooked. This. Has. Me. Hooked. So much so that I read this the day after Christmas.

In my defense, once you get this baby started, you will not be able to stop. It is action packed and now that book one is read, there are so many characters that I want to know more about! That said, you really do want to read these in order. To understand who the characters are and what they are doing because there is not much of a recap in this. It literally jumps right into the second book without a hiccup.

In this one we meet my new favorite character, Jillybean. I love her! I thought maybe she was eight or so but you learn later in the story that she is really only six! SIX! She knows more about survival, due to her fantastic memory (and the help of her stuffed zebra, Ipes) that she is able to think faster than the adults that she meets. She’s watched National Geographic and is able to access these memories. This ability may not seem like much but basically she is able to study how prey moves, slowly and deliberately, to stay alive, and then enacts these movements so she is as slow and quiet as a mouse.

A lot of the previous characters are back and they have all grown and changed, for better or for worse. I have to say, in some parts I freaking cheered, and in others I found myself devastated. The way Peter Meredith is able to weave this fantastic, appalling story is unbelievable but somehow so believable it’s scary. It is so much that I mentally almost need a break from the roller coaster, especially after what happens at the end of book two. Without spoiling it what I can say is, you’ll be mad at Peter. I know I am! But I was also cheering so I want to be a big girl and get ready for book three because there are character’s lives on the line and I need to find out what’s happening to them.

Damn you Peter Meredith! The anxiety!!!



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About Peter Meredith

Peter Meredith is the multi-genre author of The Trilogy of Void, The Hidden Lands series, The Sacrificial Daughter, A Perfect America and Sprite.
Having tried his hand in real estate, as an emergency room nurse, and a CEO of a national lighting company, he has come to find that his true addiction is as an author.

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