Horror of the Month: The Apocalypse by Peter Meredith

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Horror of the Month: The Apocalypse by Peter MeredithThe Apocalypse by Peter Meredith
Series: The Undead World #1
on January 1st 1970
Narrator: Basil Sands
Length: 13 hrs and 13 mins
Genres: Apocalyptic, zombie
Pages: 386
Source: AudioBook Reviewer
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The Apocalypse--The Undead World: Novel 1 Money, terrorism, and simple bad luck conspire to bring mankind to its knees as a viral infection spreads out of control, reducing those infected to undead horrors that feed upon the rest. It's a time of misery and death for most, however there are some who are lucky, some who are fast, and some who are just too damned tough to go down without a fight. This is their story.

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I am in love! This book is so extremely graphic in so many ways! It’s not all blood and guts, there is real psychological horror in this. It actually opens with an author’s note where Peter Meredith is saying to expect this to be horrific. It’s not your average run in the park and he means it to be horrifying! And it is in all its glorious detail! Needless to say, his note only got me more excited to read this!

First, Peter Meredith comes up with a way in which the world could end. It makes total sense. Normally apocalypse books are going to start where the end starts but this starts prior to and because of that the reader knows the full story, even though most of the characters have absolutely no idea. I feel like the author left the curtain open for us to view in! The fact that it makes sense is just more icing on a delicious cake.

The story has a lot to dig your teeth into. There are quite a few characters and all of their stories and the people around them. It is a lot to take in. Think Stephen King’s The Stand or Swan Song by Robert McCammon. Both introduce the reader to a lot of characters but it is the surrounding story that brings it all together.

Most of the characters are amazing. I really like Sarah. She just is true to what I think a woman would be in this situation. She is grieving and blaming herself for so much. Her reaction to her surroundings and what she does to protect her parents is courageous and nothing short of heroic. She does not see it that way but it takes all kinds to make up this world.

Neil is another one that is heroic and does not know it. He will do whatever necessary, even though he is scared out of his wits, to protect those he loves. The way his story starts is hilarious. Think Glenn in the Walking Dead! Lovable character turns bad ass. Well, maybe Neil is not quite at the bad ass mark but he’s working his way towards it.

There are just so many characters! Some will jump out and grab your heart and others, like Cassie, will make you cringe and wish you had  gun so you could put her (and everyone around her) out of their misery. She definitely is an underlying villain and creates a lot of problems for her group all because she can’t see past the end of her nose! Ugh!!!

To be honest, there are so many feels in this. Strange for an apocalypse story but there it is. These people are just trying to survive, not only hoards of zombies but also horrific humans that are just as bad, if not worse, than the zombies. It’s terrifying!

Cannot wait to start book two.

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About Peter Meredith

Peter Meredith is the multi-genre author of The Trilogy of Void, The Hidden Lands series, The Sacrificial Daughter, A Perfect America and Sprite.
Having tried his hand in real estate, as an emergency room nurse, and a CEO of a national lighting company, he has come to find that his true addiction is as an author.

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