Book Review: Thank God for Atheists by Timothy Morgan

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I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Thank God for Atheists by Timothy MorganThank God for Atheists: How the Greatest Skeptics Led Me to Faith by Timothy Morgan
Published by Harvest House Publishers on October 1st 2015
Genres: Christian Life
Pages: 288
Source: NetGalley
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"The greatest authors of atheism did more to push me toward belief in God than any Christian apologist writer." --Timothy Morgan
After a decade of major disappointments, Timothy Morgan was ready to reject God. Atheism offered an escape--an opportunity to dismiss God permanently.
But as Morgan delved into the thinking of great atheists past and present, he was stunned. In book after book, he found their reasons for rejecting God to be intellectually unfulfilling.
In Thank God for Atheists he candidly shares his journey by letting atheists speak for themselves, examining their logic to see whether it holds up or not. Along the way, deals with these key questions: What are the key elements of the atheist worldview?Who are the leading modern-day atheists, and what are they saying?How can you effectively respond to atheism?
You'll find this a personal and thoughtful book on why the evidence for God is much more compelling than the evidence against Him.


My thoughts

I was really excited to read this as an atheist turn Christian. Timothy Morgan talks bout bias and how he tried to keep his bias at bay and really give a good idea of atheism vs. Christianity. The synopsis is intriguing, to say the least, and although I am newly Christian I enjoy reading books about people that have changed their minds, for various reasons. Curious as to what Timothy’s reasons were, I decided to give this a shot.

Sadly, almost immediately I can see the bias. I guess maybe because I am very newly Christian is one reason why I still understand both sides. He does say that he is going to look at atheism as it truly is, and he does, to a point. I completely appreciated that. What I did not like is that he says he “presents both positions fairly” and I found that to be untrue.

Firstly, he did read from some great minds in this. He mentions Richard Dawkins (of course!) and those that are in that mindset.

Consider how often people hear the same facts yet arrive at substantially different conclusions regarding their meaning.

I found this to be a great starting point! This is the reason for this very discussion; because we all arrive at different conclusions! He also has some very good and on point information such as the fact that

when misinformed people were exposed to corrected facts in news stories, they rarely changed their minds.

Then he begins to talk about position and where you stand. I admit, I failed, I tried but I found that I was getting frustrated the more I read. His journey into disbelief came after he was already a church goer. He was in a church that was horrible to him and after a few very frustrating events, he was led to Atheism.

Now, I do not really think this is atheism. Timothy Morgan has done his homework but he believed so strongly that he went to seminary. I was an atheist because I did not believe in a God. I was not brought up in a household that went to church. After Timothy worked many, many hours in church and after a long and very difficult struggle, decided to move to a different position (or rather was forced), and gave up on God.

Unfortunately, the idea continued to haunt me that God was still “out there” and I was merely ignoring him.

This is when Timothy decided that he would take a look into atheism and try to figure it all out so he did not HAVE to believe in God.

Now, this is where I start to get annoyed. I do admit that I have not delved deeply into some of the atheists that he has, and I commend him for the research he did, however, when you are an atheist you believe in science. There is nothing to pray to or honor, or to even worry about because there is NOTHING to pray to. He starts calling atheism of today New Atheism.

The more he writes about “New Atheism” the more frustrated I got. I know I promised to not be biased but so did he! Instead of getting a section that feels like he was being unbiased, such as in The Case for Christ, it is blatant how he feels about atheism. The way he feels about atheism would not upset me, but the fact that he states in his synopsis that he looks at this match up with an unbiased critique, is truly frustrating.

The New Atheists are fond of pointing out parallels between the resurrection of Jesus and the story of Osiris (while glossing over significant differences), as if archaeology has only recently discovered material that suggests the creators of Christianity plagiarized their stories. In reality, this is an old, tired argument that has been around since the inception of Christianity.

This is a great point and something I have read about. This would also be a fabulous time to explain to your audience what those glaring differences are. Also, the issues that are raised from atheists were objected nearly 2000 years ago, but whom exactly did the rejecting?

Also, atheists have morals. Why do Christians feel that atheists do not? Timothy, just because you threw caution to the wind when you decided to give up on God, does not mean that everyone lives without a moral compass.

As I said above, the bias in me is coming out. Not only that but instead of pushing me towards Christianity I felt myself getting more and more upset. And then Timothy starts talking about politics. He says that atheists are getting negative exposure through current events. He specifically points out that Kim Jong-un is an atheist and that Hitler read Nietzsche. While these two things may be true, there is no correlation for why atheism is good or bad.

Stalin did not kill millions because of his belief in atheism per se, his belief that atheism was critical for the success of Communism was sufficient justification in his mind for mass executions to eradicate religion.

Now, while I was trying to not be completely frustrated with this, I had enough at around 23%. I am sure others will enjoy this but I had to put it down. My chest was literally hurting I was getting so worked up.

Sadly, I did not even get to the part about Christianity but with the bias that you see above I’m pretty sure I would not be able to read through that either.

Timothy DID do his homework, it is how atheism is portrayed here that threw me off.




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