Book Review: Take Stress from Chaos to Calm by Annika Sorensen

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Book Review: Take Stress from Chaos to Calm by Annika SorensenTake Stress from Chaos to Calm by Annika Sorensen
Published by Motivational Press, Incorporated on 2014-03-31
Genres: Personal Growth, Self-Help, Stress Management, Success
Pages: 118
Source: NetGalley
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Leaders of companies, and corporate executives have long been known to have a difficult time dealing with stress. Oftentimes, dreams and visions of success fall by the wayside as stress becomes the overwhelming influence in the busy company leader's or corporate executive's life. It often takes its toll in mental as well as physical problems. Stress has been called the silent killer, and for good reason. There must be a way to not only cope with the effects of stress, but change the way a person manages it. Thanks to Dr. Annika Sörensen, stressed-out peoples of the world have something to turn to for help. Her new book, "Take Stress From Chaos To Calm: Pulling The Pieces Together", is just what the doctor ordered.

Dr. Annika has written a practical approach to facing stress head-on, in an easy to understand writing style. The reader has the feeling that they are sitting with Dr. Annika as she explains her approach. The book is full of great advice, and elaborates on her treatment methods. The reader will find exercises and workbook type tasks that will challenge their imagination, and bring great introspection into their mind.

My ThoughtsTwo sides, one book

I feel a little schizophrenic reviewing this book. I’m divided completely but it was almost as if I was reading two books.

There is a great portion where it is all about learning and growing through varies stresses that come with work, eating habits, marriage, and LIFE! Then there was another part that was about Eric and it was used to show how someone can grow and change.

The good

I loved the portions where the author explains what steps to take to make stress better. The sleep chapter was especially interesting as I have an extremely hard time sleeping.

Sleep must be seen as one of the most essential things to change first.

Then Annika Sorensen goes on to explain how the reader can do things to help you get a better sleep. These really simple techniques are so important and really so obvious but putting them into place and realizing that they are important is the thing. She also suggests journalling about your sleep so you truly know exactly how much sleep you get during the week.

  • Wind down by not eating big meals or exercising two to three hours before bedtime.
  • Make your room a place for sleep
  • Have a clean bed, pillow, and sheets.

Another issue in my life is that I read LOT and go to school. I’m constantly sitting. This portion of the book really surprised me.

sitting still is even more hazardous to your health than smoking, and can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Again, like the sleep chapter she recommends certain changes that are NOT difficult. Moving once an hour, using the stairs, parking your car on the far end of the parking lot, etc…


Ok, I like journals more than the average portion. I have an unusually high amount of journals all around my house. That said, Annika must journal even more than I do! She wants us to journal for every stress factor. Every. Single. One! I can see how journaling can be really helpful but at the same time I think it can get a little confusing to journal about 10 different things in your life. I will start keeping a journal strictly for my sleep habits but probably not exercise or eating. My hubby and I already have a great spreadsheet for our finances so technically we already journal, or at least keep a record, of where our money is going. I just cannot seriously see keeping a different journal or making a journal for all of these different topics. Just thinking about it is overwhelming!

And the Eric portions

Sadly the Eric parts are very narration oriented. It is all about TELLING the reader what is going on in Eric’s life but nothing to connect the reader to Eric. The entire time I was reading about Eric I felt very disconnected and did not have any real idea of why it was added into the book. In some aspects I was able to see how he was able to respond to the certain stresses he was facing but for the most part I couldn’t see it. Or really the steps that he took to make his life better. It shows that he made various steps in multiple stress areas in his life and that he grew but just not HOW he grew. I think if that information was in the book then it would have helped me understand and apply certain aspects of his growing and changing to my life.

In short:

This is an interesting and very insightful book. It’s easy to read and the portions where she has advice, it is good advice.



The Author

I am a medical doctor, specialized in family medicine and health promotion and strategies. I have been a medical doctor in the Public Health System in Sweden for 25 years. The last couple of years I have changed focus from disease to health and have specialized in health promotion, work assessment, systematic work environment and other business related issues to be able to get the whole picture for my clients. My book, “Take Stress from Chaos to Calm” demonstrates that there is a better way with an easy to understand plan to climb up from the depth of stress.

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