Book Review: Swerve by Vicki Pettersson

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Book Review: Swerve by Vicki PetterssonSwerve by Vicki Pettersson
Published by Gallery Books on Expected publication: July 7th 2015
Genres: Thriller
Pages: 352
Source: NetGalley
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It’s high summer in the Mojave Desert, and Kristine Rush and her fiancé, Daniel, are en route from Las Vegas to Lake Arrowhead, California, for the July Fourth holiday weekend. But when Daniel is abducted from a desolate rest stop, Kristine is forced to choose: return home unharmed, but never to see her fiancé again, or plunge forward into the searing desert to find him…where a killer lies in wait.

My thoughts

Wow. It is going to take me a minute to get my thoughts in order.

My first thought is that this is intense. I use that word so often that I am not even sure it could describe this. So, of course I went to my handy thesaurus to look up synonyms for intense but nothing seems to fit. Maybe smooshing together all of these synonyms would hit the bill for this one.

Exceptional, piercing, acute, extreme, harsh.

Yeah… if all of those words had a baby then you would have this book!

Secondly, my hubby has this strange habit of not believing that females can write crime. There are many, I’m sure. But we see people like Stephen King and Dean Koontz getting the big press because they are amazing horror writers. This gal, THIS GAL is in that group of authors. My review of Eeny Meeny was the latest thriller I’ve read with some real oomph to it but the one that has stuck with me for years is Dean Koontz’s Intensity. This book matches that scale and even goes beyond it.

I almost wanted to put the book down! A horror enthusiast! I am appalled at myself. That’s why I do not read thriller though. Unlike horror from like Clive Barker where there are monsters from his imagination, these monsters CAN be real. This is why we do not trust people! And also why I love animals.

This is non-stop action. The beginning sets up the action, makes me curious about the plot and how things are going to get set into motion, and then it is full speed ahead. I had various guesses at what was going to happen and, although I was not WAY far off, I also did not peg what actually was happening. That always makes me happy. If happy can even be a word used after reading this!

I’m going to need some time before I read another thriller. I might have nightmares about this one! Makes it a 5/5 for sure!

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The Author


Vicki Pettersson is a NYT and USA Today bestselling author of ten novels, most set in her hometown of Las Vegas. Though she’ll ever consider that glittering dustbowl home, she now divides her time between Vegas and Dallas,Texas, where she’s learning to like good Tex-Mex (easy) and the Dallas Cowboys (easier than you’d think).

Her most recent release is SWERVE, aptly titled as it’s both a chase book and a hard departure from her fantasy work. A pure adrenaline, white-knucked thriller, Swerve releases on July 7, 2015 — perfect for the novel’s Fourth of July setting. If you’re looking for a romance with little to no violence … this is not your novel. If, as with her other work, you’re looking for a strong female protagonist who comes out swinging when pushed into a corner, then perhaps you can connect. Welcome!





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