Book Review: Suckers: A Horror Novel by Z. Rider

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Book Review: Suckers: A Horror Novel by Z. RiderSuckers: A Horror Novel by Z. Rider
Published by Dark Ride Publishing on February 17th 2015
Narrator: Chris Vallancourt
Length: 7 hrs and 50 mins
Genres: Horror
Pages: 328
Source: AudioBook Reviewer
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WHEN WORN-OUT MUSICIAN DAN FERRY decides to take a shortcut back to the band's hotel, he picks the wrong dark alley to go down. Within days of being attacked by a bat-like creature, he becomes consumed with the need to drink human blood. Terrified of what will happen if he doesn't get his fix--and terrified of what he'll do to get it--he turns to his best friend and bandmate, Ray Ford, for help. But what the two don't know as they try to keep Dan's situation quiet is that the parasite driving Dan's addiction has the potential to wipe out humankind.
Poignant and terrifying, heartfelt and ingenious, Suckers is a story of sacrifice and friendship in the face of an alien contagion that threatens to destroy humanity.


My thoughts

I love this book! While not as horrific as some horror books I have read (my bar is set quite high), this was still great. It had a psychological horror that rose as the anticipation built.

The beginning of the book is about a band and the members are on tour. After a great evening two of the members are walking to their hotel when one of them is attacked by a flying object. The suspected it was some kind of vampire bat and although freaked out didn’t really think a whole lot about it. They did warn the other members to stay off of the streets and to get to the hotel as soon as possible, but that seemed to be the end of it.

For Dan, that was just the beginning. He starts hearing a buzzing noise, like a hive of bees were nesting in his head. The buzzing and headaches continued to get worse and he thought he was going crazy. Coming off of a tour would do that to a person!

The entire first portion of the book, a good 30% probably, is about the characters. Z. Rider really delves into how they treat each other, which is really important for later in the story. The plot would not make any sense if the reader did not understand that these guys treat each other like brothers. And that HAS to be known for what comes later. These guys will give their lives for each other! Maybe not quite literally, but nearly.

The narration was so good! Chris Vallancourt was able to create a main character who sounded on top of the world at the beginning of the story. When he starts to get really sick he sounds bedraggled at best! The emphasis on the “cold” was fantastic and very well done. I never guessed who was talking even though there are two main guys in this. And there are more guys as the story progresses. The audio was just as good and was very easy to understand. I think this would be one that would have done well with a full cast though. I would have loved hearing all of the voices and noises with this plot!

If you enjoy vampire stories, this is like Guillermo Del Toro’s The Strain. Very well done, good plot, great characters, and some gore but not too much.

The Author


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