Book Review: Snap Strategies for Couples by Lana Staheli, Pepper Schwartz

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Book Review: Snap Strategies for Couples by Lana Staheli, Pepper SchwartzSnap Strategies for Couples by Lana Staheli, Pepper Schwartz
Published by Seal Press on 2015-04-21
Genres: Family & Relationships, Happiness, Love & Romance, Marriage & Long Term Relationships, Personal Growth, Self-Help
Pages: 280
Source: NetGalley
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Snap Strategies for Couples: 40 Fast Fixes for Everyday Relationship Pitfalls is full of quick solutions to every relationship’s most common problems. Dr. Lana Staheli and Dr. Pepper Schwartz offer 40 practical, immediate fixes (or “snaps”) that partners can use to end the fighting, leave the baggage behind, and move their relationship forward. Snap Strategies for Couples is based on an alternative approach to prevailing advice that every issue has to be talked about at length, and that partners need to understand each other’s every motivation and thought process. Instead, these tips get right to the daily difficulties that cause the fights, addressing unhelpful behaviors and giving solutions to move past them. These clear and sensible strategies offer couples an alternative to lengthy, expensive, emotionally charged therapy sessions, which can sometimes cause as many issues as they’re meant to solve. Dr. Staheli and Dr. Schwartz cover all manner of problems, from everyday bickering to serious differences of opinion, giving readers guidance throughout the course of a relationship. Helpful for both longtime couples who have hit relationship snags and for newly committed partners looking to build healthy habits, Snap Strategies has positive, useful fixes that everyone can use.

My Thoughts

What an easy to read, but easily put into life, book!

I started reading this and wound up reading quite a bit of the content out to my hubby. He and I have had our ups and downs but that is to be expected after 13 years. Some of the techniques in this book go along with the things we have been doing for about a year. Trying to stop cyclical arguments and bringing up past problems.

The way this is set up is to give you an issue and then explain how that issue affects a couple. Some of the issues were so easy to spot and to fix but others were ridiculously problematic! But that is how relationships work. What I loved most is that my hubby and I could read this together and we laughed together. We also were able to discuss what fixes would fit our lifestyle and which just did not work.

The lay out makes it easy to go through the book and pick which problems we wanted to tackle. After a year of working together I’m excited to say that there were not many that struck me as impossible. A year ago we would have had to start at the beginning of the book and probably slowly work our way through.

This is so well done that I think I’ll buy a copy for myself and my hubby and re-read every year. The issues in this are things that every couple faces so it’s nice to see the solutions to every day problems!

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