Book Review: Sapient Salvation: The Awakening

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Book Review: Sapient Salvation: The AwakeningThe Awakening (Sapient Salvation #2) by Jayne Faith, Christine Castle
Series: Sapient Salvation #2
on January 31st 2016
Genres: Romance, Sci Fi
Pages: 200
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Maya survived the first Tournament challenge only to learn that new and powerful enemies lurk in the Calistan palace. Even Lord Toric’s affection and guards aren’t enough to keep her safe, and she's still on her own in the Tournament--the alien lord is forbidden from interfering. As the list of deadly foes grows, Toric and Maya must uncover the traitor in the royal family who aims to murder Maya and destroy the Calistans' chance at reclaiming their homeland. Will Maya summon the strength and luck she needs to meet her highest destiny?
Heat level: Mild


My thoughts

This picks up right where book one leaves off. It is fabulous if you read book one, but if not, I suggest reading that straight away! This does have a little bit to remind, but certainly not enough to stand alone!

The first had a great setting of anticipation. The intensity that grows as the plot grows, is still there, but for different reasons. Maya and Toric have so much to talk about, but the more they talk, the more questions they both have (and the reader too!!).

With how the first ending I knew this was going to start big, and it did! Adding to that is the world building and sci fi element that, honestly would normally bore me but just pulls me in! There is so much going on that surrounds these two that neither can take a breath before they have to start worrying all over again.

Maya is such a great character. I liked her in book one, but she is even better in this. She somehow has deeper emotion and even though there are definitely times when she cries, the reason for her tears is so understandable that I cried with her!

I also really enjoy that the pov changes. That is something else that normally drives me crazy but I like being able to look behind the curtain (so to speak) and check out what some of the others are thinking. Especially Toric!

There are also letters that are written by Maya’s family and friends. Although one of these left me even more curious and wondering if there is yet another enemy that she has to worry about.

In short: This is such a fantastic story. I was not able to put it down. Cannot wait for book two!


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