Book Review: Phantom Canyon by Geoffrey Thorne, Susan Bridges, Jeffrey Bridges

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Book Review: Phantom Canyon by Geoffrey Thorne, Susan Bridges, Jeffrey BridgesPhantom Canyon by Geoffrey Thorne, Jeffrey Bridges, Susan Bridges
Published by Pendant Productions on February 27th 2014
Length: 2 hrs and 35 mins
Genres: Horror
Source: AudioBook Reviewer
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Sam, a guilt-ridden blacksmith, gets a telegram from the woman he left behind, asking for help. He returns to his hometown to find the "afflicted" roaming the streets, and discovers that letting go of the past is even more difficult than battling supernatural hordes.

My Thoughts

The story it was quite fun. The characters are believable and I just adore Sam. He seems like the type of person that you definitely want in your corner because he is just so willing to fight for his friends. Clara was my all time favorite and seemed the most believable of them all. Although Sam is a really close second. And Edwin was also really fun to listen to. His obsession with rock candy mirrors my own! Now I’m craving it!

This was super fun and had me fully committed right at the beginning. The story goes by fast with only being just shy of 3 hours but the excellent audio production made it feel even faster.

In short: Fabulous audio with lots of scary zombie sounds! Fabulous for this time of year!

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One StarOne StarOne Star
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