Book Review: Nightmare Man by Alan Ryker

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Genres: Horror, Paranormal
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About the book:

  • Nightmare ManNightmare man
  • by Alan Ryker
  • Category: Horror / Paranormal
  • Expected Publication: September 9th 2013
  • Publisher: DarkFuse
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Received From: From publisher for an honest review
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Jessie is not living the life he imagined. He spends his days working a job he hates. He spends his nights tormented by night terrors.

He once had goals and dreams. Now he’s just trying to get by.

Unfortunately for Jessie and his family, while he’s given up on his dreams, his nightmares haven’t given up on him. And right now one is crossing over into the waking world.


My Thoughts:

I’m reading this during a read a thon, and the funny thing about read a thons is that you (or at least I) really push myself to read beyond my normal capabilities. This can also lead to a little bit of burn out; reading so much that you just HAVE to take a break or you’ll combust!

Well, this little doozy right here really was a diamond in this epic load of books I’m trying to tackle. Short, a bit horrific, seriously good… The story starts out and I was wondering what was going to happen to this poor man who is seriously having some major issues. I mean, I have some nightmares but damn! This guy’s nightmares go way and beyond those of mine, which seem pretty tangible.

As the main character you learn more and more about Jessie and his life. He is a regular guy with not so regular issues. I really liked him. I was worried he was about to make some serious mistakes but the guy is a great guy just trying to trudge through life. But there is so much more to this story than just what is on the surface, and it takes the entire book to figure it out, and what is going on with his Nightmare Man.

AND as if the plot and the characters aren’t enough, the ending is absolutely wonderful. This is taken all the way through, no cliff hanger, total ending. Love it!

Short, definitely not sweet, but totally to the point. Perfect for a fast read during a read a thon! Thank you Alan Ryker and thank you Darkfuse for allowing me to review this!



About Alan Ryker:

Alan Ryker is the product of a good, clean country upbringing. Though he now lives with his wife in the suburbs of Kansas City, the sun-bleached prairie still haunts his fiction. To learn more about his work, go to


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