Book Review: Mirror of the Nameless by Luke Walker

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Genres: Dystopian
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About the book:

  • Mirror of the NamelessMIrror of the nameless
  • by Luke Walker
  • Category: Fantasy / Dystopian
  • Expected Publication: September 16th 2013
  • Publisher: Dark Fuse
  • Received From: From DarkFuse for an honest review
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In a world controlled by three monstrous gods ready to destroy everything at any point they choose, Dave Anderson knows the only way he can survive is to do the same as everybody else – keep his head down, question nothing and hope he doesn’t end up sacrificed to the gods. That’s his plan until he discovers his teenage daughter is risking her life in an attempt to rid the world of its rulers.

Terrified of losing his daughter, Dave joins her boyfriend in a frantic search while trying to avoid the authorities eager to offer him to their dark lords. The men must fight their way through a country governed by fear towards a derelict manor where a weapon for change and hope awaits. Here, a long-dead writer has left clues pointing to an object that might free the world of its terrible masters…or lead to something far worse…


My Thoughts:

I normally do not do reviews for books that I do not respond well with, however, in this case I know it’s just me. The synopsis really says “Come read me!!” and I did get to 25%, however, it starts and has a huge military feel to it and I never could get away from that feeling.

That is just not for me.

And although I was intrigued with the synopsis and that cool cover, the fight scenes at the beginning were enough to make me want to put this down. I may pick it back up later when I have more time to read and I want to get into a dystopian / military type of book, but for now I’m leaving it at this:

If you enjoy dystopian and do not mind a military feel, try this one out.


About Luke Walker:

Luke Walker has been writing horror and fantasy fiction for most of his life. His first two novels, the horror The Red Girl and the dark fantasy ‘Set, are published by Musa Publishing. Bear, a short piece, features in Serial Killers Tres Tria from JWKFiction. Luke’s horror novella, Mirror Of The Nameless, will be published by Dark Fuse in September 2013, and one of his short stories will feature in Vol 4 of Postscripts To Darkness in October 2013. A number of his short stories have been published online at Dark Fire Fiction, in the emag Penumbra and at Death Throes webzine.

Luke welcomes comments at his blog which can be read at His Twitter page is @lukewalkerbooks and he is on Facebook at

He is thirty-five and lives in England with his wife and two cats. He’s now had enough of writing about himself in the third person and is going for a lay down.

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