Book Review: Matanzas Bay by Parker Francis

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Book Review: Matanzas Bay by Parker FrancisMatanzas Bay (A Quint Mitchell Mystery - Book 1) by Parker Francis
Published by Windrusher Hall Press on March 23rd 2011
Narrator: Mike Dennis
Length: 8 hrs and 27 mins
Genres: Mystery & Detective, Thriller
Pages: 239
Source: AudioBook Reviewer
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When PI Quint Mitchell volunteered to help with an archaeological survey in St. Augustine, he didn't count on digging up a murder victim. In the nation's oldest city, Mitchell discovers links to ancient sins, comes face to face with his own past, and unleashes powerful forces that will do anything to keep their secrets-even if it means taking his life.
In this award-winning debut mystery, author Parker Francis taps into an undercurrent of violence hidden behind the sleepy facade of the historic town. When Mitchell's friend, the City Archaeologist, is charged with a brutal murder, he must find the true killer while fighting inner demons and the corrosive residue of racial violence dating back to the Civil Rights Movement.
As he learns, St. Augustine was birthed in blood-Matanzas means "place of slaughter" in Spanish-and violence is never far from the surface.


My thoughts

I read this one right after an Urban Fantasy where the main character is a sorcerer but more importantly he is a bad ass! Reading about Quint Mitchell directly after was a mistake because Daniel Faust took away what I could have thought about Quint had I read this prior to. That said, I still liked the book, but I was a little let down by Quint. Not every character can be the best of the best (not that Daniel is, the guy is crazy) but there is just something about some characters that others have to strive for. Just like humanity, sadly.

Quint is a very interesting person and he does not care about the race issues that are surrounding the case that he finds himself in. He gets that there are people out there that are living 50 years in the past, but he is not one of them. Sadly, the town where he is currently doing his investigation, acts like they are not 50 years behind but smack in the middle ages! To add to that Quint is (sort of) dating a black, strong, and independent woman. This sort of thing would not bother anyone else but it is something that bothers those that he has to work with on this case.

Maybe I watch too many cop shows, but the one thing I do not get about Quint is that he seems very easily pushed around. I am so used to a P.I. or the like being able to take charge of a situation. More often than not Quint finds himself at odds with people he is up against and gets hurt because of it. I want to yell at him to take some defense class lessons or something! Anything to help him defend himself more.

He does use his brains since he is lacking in the brawn area, so that is good, but even this does not keep him out of trouble. He also makes some choices without using his brain which really ticked me off!

The narration was done very well and I was able to really get into listening to narrator. Mike Dennis makes it sound easy and his voice makes you want to go along with the flow. Even in the more intense sense his voice is almost tranquil, even though there was an underlying intensity. The voices were easy to distinguish from one another but the main character’s voice was my favorite. Being a first person this is the most used throughout.

First person also really brought out the mystery of the story but also where Quint was within the story. He is close to the people involved and the storytelling and narration helps that come through. I may not have agreed with everything Quint said or did, he tried to be a hero without all the training to back him up. Definitely would like him to go get some defense classes before he gets beat up again, and I would love to talk to him about his love life, but other than that, he is a very interesting character.

The audio was also well done. Not one hiccup or misplaced timing that I could find!

This is one of those rainy Sunday reads when you don’t feel like doing anything and have the time to lay back and listen.

Rating Report
3.5 / 5
Character Development
3.5 / 5
Writing Style
3.5 / 5
Personal enjoyment
3 / 5
3.5 / 5
Overall: 3.4 / 5
The Author


After thirty-five years in public broadcasting working as a producer, director, fundraiser, and assorted other jobs, including producer of the Jacksonville Jazz Festival, Vic DiGenti turned to his first lovewriting. Finding inspiration in his household of feline critters, he wrote three adventure/fantasies with a feline protagonist. All three novels in his Windrusher saga, WINDRUSHER, WINDRUSHER AND THE CAVE OF THO-HOTH, and WINDRUSHER AND THE TRAIL OF FIRE (Ocean Publishing) have won multiple awards and attracted readers of all ages. MATANZAS BAY, a mystery/suspense novel set in St. Augustine, Florida, won the 2007 Josiah W. Bancroft, Sr. Award, and was named a Book of the Year in the 2009 Royal Palm Literary Awards Competition sponsored by the Florida Writers Association. MATANZAS BAY is now available as an ebook for Kindle and Nook, and soon to be a trade paperback. Vic and his wife live in NE Florida where they are closely scrutinized for aberrant behavior by their many rescued felines.

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