Book Review: Masters of Blood and Bone by Craig Saunders

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Book Review: Masters of Blood and Bone by Craig SaundersMasters of Blood and Bone by Craig Saunders
Published by DarkFuse on Expected publication: February 3rd 2015
Genres: Fantasy, Fantasy & Magic
Pages: 235
Source: NetGalley
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Holland's a man who's good with death. Good at death. When his daughter goes missing, he finds himself pitted in a deadly game against the Gods themselves. Powerful enemies surround him¿a changeling, a mage, and a god who wants to destroy the world. With silver bullets in his gun and death on his mind, Holland aims to set things right...or die trying. For the captors of Holland¿s daughter, death is not only on it¿s way, it¿s in their very possession as Holland's daughter isn't just a fact, she's barely mortal at all... She's Ankou, Death's daughter, and she's not an easy mark. The battleground has been set, the world¿s at stake, and all Hell is about the break loose. Masters of Blood and Bone is an epic clash between good and evil, life versus death, Gods against mortals, a timeless story of power and corruption and one man¿s pursuit to protect what he loves at any cost.

My Thoughts

Totally out of this world. The characters, especially Holland, are absolutely crazy. The first few pages had me, not only laughing my ass off, but glued to my seat!

Holland is hilarious but in a very edgy way. He has a dark side to him. On the first page he’s talking about how he feels after eating a huge mexican meal (it’s not good) and some boys came up to him acting all bad ass. Holland handles it like NO ONE else can. Had me cracking up. I read this to my hubby and even he was loving it.

As we start to meet the other characters the plot starts to slow down dramatically. I enjoyed reading about the other characters, especially Holland’s daughter, but sadly the plot couldn’t keep up with these bad ass characters.

At 25% (ish) I was ready to put this down and go to sleep. For a horror that is NOT good. It wasn’t necessarily bad, as I said the characters are fabulous, but I felt like something serious was missing. There wasn’t a jolt or real drama that made me want to keep reading.

Sadly,  there are only a few horrific parts, mostly gore, that will keep you wanting to read. That said, this is interesting and the plot is very different from what I’ve read before.

Rating Report
2.5 / 5
Character Development
4 / 5
Writing Style
4 / 5
Personal enjoyment
3 / 5
3 / 5
Overall: 3.3 / 5



The Author

About Craig Saunders

Craig Saunders is the author of many novels and novellas, including Rain and The Estate, and the forthcoming DarkFuse titles Bloodeye and Flesh and Coin. He writes horror and fantasy for fun and humour when he's feeling serious, which isn't often.
He lives in Norfolk, England, with his wife and three children, likes nice people and good coffee. Find out more at:,, or, @Grumblesprout

Also, for fantasy fans, Craig runs a blog dedicated to all things Rythe:

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