Book Review: Mad About Undead You by Carl S. Plumer

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Genres: Romance, zombie
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  • Mad About Undead YouMad About Undead You
  • by Carl S. Plumer
  • Category: Zombies / Romance
  • Pages: 296
  • Publication:  September 15th 2012
  • Publisher: Someday Press
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Received From: Carl S. Plumer for an honest review


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Imagine you are in the middle of a zombie apocalypse
Imagine fighting for your life, running for your life. Because, one day, you will be. Just like Cathren and Donovan. Cathren Whitney is half-human, half-zombie. She can’t be harmed or killed by zombies, no matter how many zombies attack her. Yet she can rip the undead to shreds as if tearing paper.


With her lover Donovan Codell at her side, Cathren seeks to put the world right again. But zombies are the least of her problems… She must avoid a sinister corporation called ATELIC bent on her destruction, as well as the cryogenically-frozen “heads from hell” that ATELIC has let loose on Earth. Can San Francisco be saved? Can love conquer the undead?


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Because this is a zombie book you may think it would be placed in the horror genre but this is also about a romance. Mad About Undead You is also extremely comical. Donovan and Cathren both have some witty one liners, quite a few actually. And the plot is already interesting but the one liners just kept me laughing and really enjoying the characters even though they are in a life and death situation.


This is why I enjoy zombie books. Quite a few people think this genre should be over, but I think books like this prove another point; that zombie books are here for a reason, and that reason is enjoyment! The entertainment from this book was absolutely phenomenal. The characters were so fabulous that I was amazed at every word, and of course every hilarious one liner!


Cathren was out of the basement door before Donovan could say “You haven’t got any clothes on you know!” Which he did say, actually. Immediately after she’d disappeared into the night. He was not fast enough to convince her to put on something more appropriate for battling evildoers.


The plot was interesting, however, I think there was a bit too much drama. These two go from out of the pan, into the fire, and straight into hell. And it’s not just a few episodes, there are so many that I was left wondering how in the hell can two people survive so many complications! A fact that they were also curious about! This didn’t exactly detract from the story of Donovan and Cathren but I think a little down time with the ability to get more into their relationship would have been wonderful!


Blood! She’s bleeding blood. That has to be a good sign, I think. I mean, can cadavers bleed? Maybe they can, I don’t know…


Other than that, this book quite literally has it all! From the beginning Carl lets us know what is going on and how these people are being turned into zombies. Something very few authors do. And then you sent on a roller coaster ride of epic proportions while these two try to stay alive. And if that wasn’t enough, poor Cathren has a scientist after her that wants to win the Noble Prize for creating a cure! I mean, this guy is nearly as bad as the zombies… maybe worse!


In the end I was left with some questions but overall loved the theme, the plot, the characters, Carl’s writing! If you’re a zombie fan, definitely pick this one up!


“For such slow moving mothers, they sure can cover a lot of ground when they want to.”

“Stick-to-it-tive-ness. Admirable.” Cathren said.


the author



Always wanted to be a writer, an “author.” That’s it, that was my dream since I was, what, sixteen? So, what did I do? Everything BUT write for years and years and decades and decades.


I struggled with writing my whole life. I think because I set such a high bar for myself—to be the next Great American Novelist—that I had problems every time I sat down to work. I either had writer’s block, or what I wrote was never good enough.


Then, abruptly, two years ago my attitude completely changed. I decided to write a zombie book. And you know what? It was the most fun I’ve ever experienced when writing. So much so, I’m already finalizing my second horror novel, and about to begin my third.


So, apparently, I guess I’ve finally stopped messing with my own head long enough to write a novel. At last!  – Goodreads


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