Book Review: Love & Zombies by Eric Shapiro

July 1, 2013 Guilty Pleasures, Zombies 0

About The Book:

  • Love & ZombiesLove & Zombies
  • by Eric Shapiro
  • Horror/YA
  • Category: Horror/Zombie
  • Publisher: Dark Fuse
  • Release Date: Published June 25th 2013
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Received From: Dark Fuse for an honest review


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The zombie apocalypse has already ended. The government nipped the problem in the bud before it got out of hand. But now Henry, an aspiring filmmaker in Los Angeles, is getting a request from his old friend Sam Kranson. Sam Kranson says they need to go run an errand in Las Vegas. There’s a hefty payday for the job. And it involves capturing a real live zombie.


But that can’t be true, can it? Are there zombies out there in the Nevada desert? Or has Sam Kranson finally lost his mind? And more importantly: Will Henry’s loving girlfriend Teresa strangle him if he goes on this adventure with Sam?


Part horror, part comedy, all madness and suspense, Love & Zombies is a lunatic burn through three days in the life of Henry—days in which he battles to stay alive, and get back to his love without becoming (un)dead.


My thoughts:


Ok, this starts and I was totally floored.


I recently read another blogger saying if she isn’t pulled in by page 100 then she hangs up that book. I did not have any such problems with this book! It grabs you from page ONE and takes you for a tremendous ride.


Firstly, I love the narration. Henry is a bit kookie (only word I can think of to describe this guy!) but we all are a bit, right? And it shows as he’s telling his story. It’s flat out hilarious at points and heart stopping in other areas. There are some things he does that I totally agree with and then in the next instant I’m like WHAT?!!! But I love that about him. He’s unpredictable and in this story, you need to be to survive.


Quit everything. Walked away from myself. And now that myself has strolled back through the door, I’m not about to tell him to fuck off. No way; what can fuck off is that thought, and any other on that resembles it.


Secondly, I freaking love these zombies! They are the take no prisoners type, seriously! They run, and leap, and freaking tear your throat out before you even get the chance TO scream! No way can you walk fast around these guys. You better have a plan of escape and if you don’t do it fast, then you’re zombie food! I loved every bloody minute of it! Now, I know some of you out there are the hard core Romero zombie types, but it’s a book, why not have some fun with it!


To say they “run” is to glorify the concept of running. The bastards leap. Point A and Point B shouldn’t even have two different names. If you’re near one, you’re dead.

Then you are one.

And there were eighty thousand of ‘em before the air force started dropping bombs.


And lastly, the plot was amazing. This does not stop once it gets started, and it started on page one. Absolutely fabulous writing. I felt like my life was hanging in the balance and then looked up and realized, hey zombies really don’t exist and my dogs need to go out! The two main guys are hilarious, Henry and Sam, and while Henry is going on about what is happening in his life and with his girlfriend, Sam is just absolutely a nut case! They make this story fabulous. Even the non-zombie parts are worth reading!


Can’t wait to read more of Eric Shapiro’s work! Totally a new fan!


What is this, fucking courtesy Day?


Ohh… and I love this cover!!! Ohhh and those that love zombie books, this does have some cursing and some talk about sex… Definitely an adult book!






About The Author:




Eric Shapiro’s latest book, “Love & Zombies,” a manic novella about a Las Vegas zombie kidnapping, came out from DarkFuse on June 16, 2013.

Shapiro’s acclaimed 2005 novella, “It’s Only Temporary,” was on the preliminary ballot for the Bram Stoker Award in Long Fiction. He directed and produced the motion picture, “Rule of Three” (2010), which had its world premiere at the Fantasia Festival and its U.S. Premiere at Fantastic Fest before being released on DVD, iTunes, Xbox, and Netflix Instant. In 2010, Permuted Press published an omnibus collection of Shapiro’s first three short novels (“It’s Only Temporary,” “Days of Allison,” and “Strawberry Man”) and a handful of selected short stories called “Stories for the End of the World.”

His novel, “The Devoted” (2012), from John Skipp’s Ravenous Shadows, depicts the last day in the life of a suicide cult, and was nominated for a 2013 Spinetingler Award in the Best Novel: New Voice category.

His debut fiction publication, “Short of a Picnic” (2002), is a collection of short stories about characters grappling with mental illness, rereleased in 2012 by Evil Jester Press.

Shapiro is also known for writing and directing a short film adaptation of Jack Ketchum’s story, “Mail Order,” which was released as the premiere episode of Fangoria Online’s “Screamers” series of short films in March, 2013.

Eric Shapiro lives in Los Angeles with his wife and producing partner, Rhoda Jordan, and their son, Benjamin Shapiro. **From Amazon**








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