Book Review: Jax & Marbles by Jacqueline Lorraine Conwell

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Genres: Contemporary, New Adult
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About the Book:

  • Jax & MarblesJax & Marbles
  • by Jacqueline Lorraine Conwell
  • Pages: 336
  • Publication: August 16th 2012
  • by Authorhouse
  • Received From: Jacqueline for an honest review
  • Rating: 2.5/5
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Things in life don’t always go as planned, especially when it comes to certain life events. That was something Julian and Alexia were learning the hard way. Passing away at a young age was something that had caught Julian off guard. Losing touch with her best friend had left Alexia feeling lonely and confused. Both felt alone in two completely different worlds, not sure if they would ever come across someone they could truly trust and depend on. But then one fateful evening, Julian was given the chance of a lifetime to fill an empty void in someone’s life while getting a second chance to live the one he’d lost.


My Thoughts:

Hmm.. this was a really hard story to push through. I didn’t fall in love with the characters, actually they felt very one dimensional. I couldn’t find myself feeling for their story. It just felt strange.

The first thing that really caught me is that Jacqueline has a great sense of imagination but I think where she places her imagination may need work. For example, in the beginning of the book Jax is walking on stars, like the stars in the sky. There wasn’t much to this other than he was hesitant to walk and was a bit timid… I wanted soooo much more. I feel like this could have been a place where her imagination and descriptions could really shine. And then also in the beginning, Jax is reading a menu and here we get TOO much information. I don’t really care what he’s eating, I want to know what he’s really thinking and what is going on.

And then his relationship with James seemed really odd. First Jax is really over asking if James was going to be there for him if Jax ever needed him. But then Jax doesn’t tell James when things start to happen. I mean these aren’t huge things so it doesn’t matter that much, but if Jax is that little confidence in himself then maybe he shouldn’t be out on his own so much. But then James nearly exploded when Jax accidentally runs into a guy at school. I mean James really, and I do mean overly, freaks out. I just didn’t get it… What’s the big deal here?

About 60% in with still not that much of a conflict, other than really weird stuff, I just wasn’t sure where it was going and honestly I didn’t want to find out. I started skimming big time so when I got to 60% I was totally out of the story.

However, I do think this is Jacqueline’s first book and I really think her stories have something to them. I think maybe they need a bit more editing at the beginning to really bring people to like the characters more, but then again it could just be me! I do hope she continues to write because it does seem like she has a gift. This one just didn’t hit any of my happy reading spots.


About the Author:

Jacqueline loves to read, and she absolutely loves her craft / talent / gift – whatever you’d like to call it. If she could go away now, and do nothing but write until her imagination depleted, or read until her eyes fell out of her head, she’d do it. She wishes she had more time in the day to just sit and fill pages and journals and external drives with everything that’s running through her mind. She finds that she can express herself through writing better than when she speaks. Writing is her addiction; it’s her drug of choice. Take that away from her, and she’d probably lose her mind.

Jacqueline is the author of “Jax & Marbles” and “Pick-up Stix”. She loves her characters. They’ve been with her since day one. To know that she’s put them out into the world for others to get to know and love as much as she does … that’s a feeling that she can’t put into words.

One StarOne StarHalf a Star
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