Book Review: If You’d Just Listened to Me in the First Place by Barbara Venkataraman

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Book Review: If You’d Just Listened to Me in the First Place by Barbara VenkataramanIf You'd Just Listened to Me in the First Place by Barbara Venkataraman
on August 12th 2013
Narrator: Carrie Lee Martz
Genres: Humor, Non-Fiction
Pages: 21
Source: Author
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Meet Ella Boudreaux, a self-confessed nag. By no means -- as Ella herself insisted -- is she a negative person. Persistent might be a better word; she is the kind of person you'd ask
for directions if you were lost, or provides you with a long chat while waiting
in line at the grocery store.

"Nobody, and I mean nobody, can nag like I can." Written from a first person point of view, protagonist Ella Boudreaux immediately establishes her unique skill set.

And where has it gotten her? Nowhere, that's where.

She can't hold onto a job and she can't find her true calling, but she knows it's out there. Could a handsome stranger help her find her destiny? Or maybe he was her destiny...

My Thoughts

Once again Barbara VEnkataraman is able to hit my funny bone with such remarkable, re-memorable, and hilarious characters. This is a very short story at only 42 minutes so my hubby and I listened on our way to grocery shopping. The entire trip was filled with laughs, and a few cringes!

The job hopping Ella is the main character and narrator so we get to see exactly how she feels about her life. Funnily enough there are portions where she is talking to the hubby behind her, just as if she is telling the story to you right there. I loved those little additions! They were cute and added a bit of realness to this. Although Ella is as real as they get! I loved that she met Charlie at a job she got to scrape barnacles. And the fact that she and her gal friend showed up in bathing suits had me laughing out loud!

I was able to listen to this and easily kept with the pace, even with the back and forth of future and past tenses. And the narration was done beautifully. Carrie Lee Martz did a great job of narration but also at emphasizing when needed.

In short: Another cute one from Barbara Venkataraman! She has a style that is her own and I love it!



The Author

About Barbara Venkataraman

Barbara Venkataraman is an attorney and mediator specializing in family law. She is the author of "The Fight for Magicallus," a children's fantasy, "If you'd Just Listened to Me in the First Place," a humorous short story and two books of humorous essays: "I'm Not Talking about You, Of Course," and "A Trip to the Hardware Store & Other Calamities," which are part of an ongoing series entitled "Quirky Essays for Quirky People."

Her latest works are: "Death by Didgeridoo," and "The Case of the Killer Divorce," both Jamie Quinn mysteries." All of her books are available on Amazon Kindle.


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