Book Review: How to Save a World from Dying by Carl Plumer

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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: How to Save a World from Dying by Carl PlumerHow to Save a World from Dying by Carl Plumer
Published by Someday Press on August 22nd 2013
Genres: Apocalyptic, Horror, Sci Fi
Pages: 348
Source: Author
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The year is 2035 and Earth is under attack by giant demons from outer space—demons as tall as houses with multiple heads, arms, and legs.

"The eyes on the first of its three heads had a serpent's split pupils, puke green. The eyes on the second head (which grew not beside the first head, but on top of it the way a cyst would) were as red as a poison frog's. The third head was stacked on top of its brothers, but this head was not worth talking about. It was a baby's head—and it was dead."

Fortunately, there's one man who can stop the beasts: Zachary Zemeritus. Unfortunately, he's near dead and in pieces in a hospital across town. Central Park has been turned into an Air Force base, and the rest of New York City is in flames. Zachary's friends are the most recent victims of this nightmare.

Too bad Zachary doesn't know any of this.

As the hero of this tale, he might have been able to do something about it.


my thoughts done

Wow! I love Carl’s writing because I know I’m going to be taken to another place entirely. This is definitely earth (sadly!) but what he does with his imagination will amaze, or gross you out! Or maybe both!

How to Save a World from Dying is definitely an apocalyptic / horror story. And I love a good horror story with lots of blood and guts hanging out all over the place! This did not let me down, hell the first chapter had some blood and guts all over! If they ever come out with 3d books this one will have to be read behind a curtain or with a raincoat!

The characters are fabulous. I totally fell in love with Zachary even though he’s not in a lot of the story. My favorites were a lot of the side characters. They just really shined as brightly as Zachary. Patty Patty especially!

And although a lot of this had me cringing from the horrific imagination that Carl has, the ending was brilliant and totally worth the ride! Carl never fails to bring gruesome to the party and this one was no exception!

In short this is definitely not for the weak of heart. Horror fans and apocalyptic fans alike, you’ll love this!

the author

Always wanted to be a writer, an “author.” That’s it, that was my dream since I was, what, sixteen? So, what did I do? Everything BUT write for years and years and decades and decades.

I struggled with writing my whole life. I think because I set such a high bar for myself—to be the next Great American Novelist—that I had problems every time I sat down to work. I either had writer’s block, or what I wrote was never good enough.

Then, abruptly, two years ago my attitude completely changed. I decided to write a zombie book. And you know what? It was the most fun I’ve ever experienced when writing. So much so, I’m already finalizing my second horror novel, and about to begin my third.

So, apparently, I guess I’ve finally stopped messing with my own head long enough to write a novel. At last!

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