Book Review: Hoodoo Blue by Katalina Leon

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Book Review: Hoodoo Blue by Katalina LeonHoodoo Blue by Katalina Leon
Series: Magic and Mayhem #1
Published by Fated Desires Publishing on January 27th 2015
Genres: Paranormal, Romance
Pages: 105
Source: Herding Cats & Burning Soup
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Fredi is a passionate witch with a scorching hot secret. Every time she has a sexual thought, green fire blasts from her fingertips. Gus is a gorgeous lycan who scares women away with his wild wolf-shifts. Not the best way to find relationships.

Both have vowed not to date until they get themselves under control, but a witchy friend thinks differently. The pair get tricked into sharing a frosty pitcher of “Hoodoo Blue” and fall prey to a wayward love potion that has them blurting out every lustful thought. Worse, it won’t allow them to walk away from each other. They’re stuck together until dawn under the devilish effects of a time-released hoodoo that makes them do outrageous things. For everyone’s safety, Fredi is forced to take Gus home and tie him to her headboard and only some very witchy lovemaking can calm the storm.

Fredi and Gus might find themselves on the set-up date from hell, but even a hilarious cascade of disasters can’t keep a plus-sized blonde witch with attitude, and a hunky lumberjack of a lycan from seeing the other would be the perfect mate.

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(Fredi and Gus just met in the Voodoo Hoodoo cocktail lounge. Sparks fly. Now they need to get away from each other ASAP)

…Sid stood in front of the booth blocking her retreat. “Leaving? Not so fast. Here’s your pitcher of Hoodoo Blue, mixed special for you. I know that rhymes.” He winked as he set a frosty pitcher filled with what looked like a turquoise slushy on the table and placed two heavy glasses paired with pink straws beside it. “Enjoy.”

“Thank—“ Fredi stopped herself and raised a palm in apology. “I won’t say it.”
Sid smirked and walked away.
Damn Fae. With his sly green eyes, he always looked like he was up to no good.

She stared at the frosty blue beverage with suspicion. There was a lot of drink there—more than enough to get several adults schnockered. No doubt sneaky Sid mixed it strong, too. “There’s no way we can finish all of that. I really shouldn’t stay.”

Gus reached out and stroked her hand with a whisper light touch that brought her to a halt. “One drink. We’ll talk a little and I promise I’ll let you go. I have no business hanging around either. I need to get home, or take a run in the hills….”

“Why run to the hills?”

He heaved a tense breath. “To get a little wiggle room between me, civilization, and full- blown Lycanthropy high jinx. You’re a witch. I’m sure you’re familiar with what I’m talking about.”

She shrugged. “I’m sorry. I’m not sure what you mean. I didn’t grow up around many Lycan. I was raised in San Buena. Wolf boys usually aren’t part of the surf and shore scene. They head for the forests.”

“Wolf men,” he corrected her. “And you’re right Lycans prefer the woods to sandy beaches, but you must have heard something?” He settled his big frame uncomfortably on the vinyl seat.

“No.” She shook her head. “Nothing. I really don’t know much about the Lycan community.”

Gus’s expressive brows drooped. “You must have heard that during a full moon Lycans have a bad reputation for getting a little too aggressive, hairy, and—“

“Horny? Okay, I have heard that. I thought you might offer something a little more obscure, like you had to wear red shoes and skip through the hills searching for four-leaf clovers or something stupid like that.”

“Nope.” He looked terribly uneasy. “Nothing fancy. I have to stay away from the ladies. I don’t want to offend or bother anyone who’s not into Lycans, and it can be a challenge to control myself, especially around a woman like you.” His thick brows creased so strongly they almost met. “Strike that. I should not have said it.”

My ThoughtsThis is hilariously adorable! From page one I knew I was not going to be able to put this down. It’s a crazy situation to begin with but having friends like these makes you curious about your enemies.

So… the whole set up is that this is technically a blind date. Of course no one included in the blind date is told that it is a date! Which makes this even more hilarious.

From the start you know that Fredi and Gus are going to have some sparks. In this case it is quite literally! I love how the story moved and unfolded even as I was starting to think that them getting into this predicament is ridiculous. I wanted to know how in the world they were going to handle the situation they found themselves in and by that time I did NOT want them to get out!

Really cute, very easy to read, romance. I had no idea what was going to happen while Fredi fought her witchy “set everything on fire” powers and Gus’s turning into a werewolf, but I was excited to find out.

I just have to say, on a side note… the way Katalina Leon describes Gus, I really want picture books. I miss them! Why do kindergartners get all the fun? Sexy cowboys in books should be the EPITOME of a picture book. K, thanks!

Rating Report
4.5 / 5
Character Development
5 / 5
Writing Style
5 / 5
Personal enjoyment
5 / 5
5 / 5
Overall: 4.9 / 5



The Author

About Katalina Leon

Katalina Leon is an artist and author who can’t commit to a single genre. Her favorite playgrounds are historical, Sci-fi, contemporary, and most of all paranormal realms. Katalina brings a sense of adventure and a touch of the mystical to erotic romance. She believes there's a daring heroine inside every woman who wants to take a wild ride with a strong worthy hero.

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    • Christina

      Right? This book was amazing Anna! And Katalina Leon is a completely new to me author so I’m really excited. Love that she took paranormal romance to a WHOLE other level!