Book Review: Gailene’s Vow by Stuart Land

June 23, 2014 Book Reviews 2

I received this book for free from BTSe Magazine in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Gailene’s Vow by Stuart LandGailene's Vow by Stuart Land
Series: Original Blood #1
on January 31st 201
Genres: Historical, Paranormal
Source: BTSe Magazine
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GAILENE’S VOW is the delicious, but tormenting tale of two women as they become vampires. Gailene must rise from devastation, rage, and vengeance in 1790s rural England, leaving her human family to become a powerful vampire matriarch in fledgling America. Two centuries later, college coed, Zondra, discovers she’s the leader of her grandmother’s empire when she begins turning, though never bitten. Gailene’s story unfolds to Zondra through their familial blood, revealing the tragic destiny, but poignant love both women have for Jeremiah. He lives in anguish while preparing Zondra to protect her new family against the retribution of Gailene’s creator.

My Thoughts

What an interesting tale! Imaginative and poignant. It starts immediately on page one with vampires attacking one of the main characters, Zondra, and it just made me curious because she had no clue why they were chasing her. I loved the writing and how Stuart Land is able to give small clues to draw the reader further into the story, but not clues that give the story away. I had no idea from moment to moment what was going to happen, especially since two stories are taking place and one is through visions of the past!

I did really enjoy this take on vampires, although, I do prefer the eat your heart out type, I love how different artists can come up with these ideas that just make the reader all the more curious. We do see in the beginning of the story when Fenton mistakenly drinks too much of Gailene’s blood that these vampires can be like the vampires of our nightmares, which just made me all the more curious!

The characters were quite well formed and I could feel myself sliding into the story so easily. The only downside I have is after the initial attack on Zondra the story gets a little slow, but fortunately there is enough to keep my curiosity going and although slow, never did I actually feel the need to put the book down. There is a bit of romance but it isn’t overworked and is just a shadow to all of the twists and wonderful plots in this!

Fabulous read and awesome take on vamps!

The Author

Stuart’s story ideas come from his vivid imagination, but his inspiration draws from extensive world travel and fascinating careers: from US military medic to hairstylist, then Washington D.C. Police officer to NYC photographer.

Later, he converted a chicken coop in the woods into a live-in studio and taught himself metal sculpture. That rudimentary craft expanded into the fine arts. Sculptures in bronze and fiberglass led to shows in the US, England and Thailand.

Stuart’s passion for all arts segued into: costume design (top 100 designers in the book, Fashion: 2001); modeling agency art director; fashion show designer; water feature designer, computer illustrator and a top sculptor for special effects, sets and props in the entertainment industry with work in over thirty major films, hotels and theme parks worldwide.

During Stuart’s film career, he learned screenwriting firsthand, writing over a dozen screenplays. To explore character and environment more, Stuart took up narrative fiction. He’s completed many short stories and five novels. His writing places high in contests and his screenplays are optioned.

He continues on the journey.


Twitter: StuartLand_wrtr



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