Book Review: From Drift to Shift by Jody B. Miller

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Book Review: From Drift to Shift by Jody B. MillerFrom Drift to Shift: How Change Brings True Meaning and Happiness to Your Work and Life by Jody B Miller
Published by Morgan James Publishing on August 8th 2017
Genres: Self-Help
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We all desire to be happy in our work and in our personal lives, and we want to be valued for who we are. Through the transformational stories in From Drift to Shift, readers learn to recognize the opportunity to pursue life's true purpose and to embrace it both professionally and personally. Readers will realize that profound success, down to the core of their soul, is achievable. From Drift to Shift encourages all to seek a life of meaning, to have the courage to be who they really are, and to not let external forces pressure them into being less than they can be. It helps people discover how they can make uniquely important contributions to the world.


I enjoy non-fiction books like these because they make me think. I want to learn all I can about life, and about myself. Living with depression is difficult, but especially since I cannot tackle the things that happened when I was growing up. Some of those things still haunt me but books like this help me to realize that we’re all going through something. What I liked most is that she says everyone is the same. We are all here for a reason, we just don’t know why.

This is super short also, so can be read in small chunks of time or devoured. I read it a little bit at a time, ingesting each story, so I could fully understand what each person went through.

This is a self-help book, written to help people realize when they are in drifting mode, just kind of moving along life, without making any choices. For instance, when you stay in a job you hate or a marriage that makes you miserable. Jodi looks at the changes it takes to get you moving along and making different choices. There are stories that are about real people, with real lives, and how those lives changed due to a shift in their lives.

“I’ve struggled many times as an adult and through each phase of suffering, have learned about myself and come out of my struggle with more optimism”.

All of them had some kind of traumatic event, but even through that event, they changed their perspectives and decided that life was worth fighting for. Some had to quit jobs to find their fulfillment, while others created their own businesses, or traveled more.

The entire premise is the idea of wanting to live life to its fullest. Jody B. Miller says

“Imagine that you were on your morning commute and you couldn’t wait to get to work”.

She says the same about being in a fairy-tale relationship that you knew would last forever.

I enjoy self-help books because they help me to look at life with a different perspective. This book did exactly that but I have already heard much of what she says. Still, she provides real life examples and references for where she got her information. For instance, we’ve all heard that it takes 21 days to form a habit, she includes the information for how that got started and why!

My favorite portions of the book are where she is speaking directly to the reader. She knows everyone in the book, but these passages worked for me more. There isn’t a real reason why, as all the stories are tremendous, but for some reason her story stuck with me the most. Especially since she was searching and did not want to stop searching for her own truth.

There are also takeaways from every chapter. A small list of bullet points to help provide a concise list of what she hoped the reader got from each chapter. Most of these are brilliant such as

“smile, laugh, and have fun. You only live once”

“whether your scars are visible or invisible, both are equally debilitating”.

Throughout the book she explains her life and why she thinks Drift to Shift can help anyone. I ended the book with a very positive feeling, even as most of this isn’t new to me, but the way she was able to address certain issues in life, was new and appealing. The writing is very instructive but she does not use scientific or psychological jargon. She keeps the stories and the information as real and understandable as possible. Making this easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to remember! The most difficult thing about the book was that I felt for each of the people in the stories.

The possibilities to synchronicity make sense but I do wish she would have furthered the idea a bit more. I enjoyed the book and although I think the information is important, I would have preferred a bit more at the end that digs a little deeper when it comes to changing or how to start pursuing a change.

In short: this was a fascinating book, filled with real lives that made it clear to see why and how they changed. The book was simple to read and understand. The meaning behind everything a little less so, but the information comes together in the end.

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