Book Review: First Light by Adam Sigrist

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Genres: Horror, zombie
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About The Book:

  • First LightFirstLight_CVR_LRG
  • by Adam Sigrust
  • Series: Zombie Prophecies #1
  • Category: Horror / Zombies
  • Pages: 306
  • Expected Publication:  June 18, 2013
  • Publisher: Fable Press
  • Rating: 3.5/5
  • Received From: Enchanted Book Promotions


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Worldwide plague? Government conspiracy? Bioweapon disaster? Hell set loose?
You’re not even close…


Struggle alongside Donovan and his friends as they desperately cling to survival in a world ravaged by the undead, monsters and other horrors. After being bitten, Donovan is led towards a flashing light in the distance. Does the beacon offer salvation or merely a new challenge for him?


Zombies, monsters, secrets and lies. All of these things hurt, and kill, indiscriminately; finding you no matter where/who you are. The Zombie Prophecies begins with these horrors and a mysterious light calling survivors to a ruined apartment complex. Familiar, expected causes behind a zombie apocalypse are absent, replaced with a fresh, horrifying view on the end of our world.




My Thoughts:


This had some seriously gruesome parts in it! As a horror / zombie book I expect it to have some blood and guts but I absolutely loved the way Adam Sigrist was able to make this as real as possible. The beginning of this just had me craving more, slightly like a zombie myself, and Adam delivers. There is some serious carnage in this, so much so that I was like… OWWW DAMN!!! I do NOT want to die like that, k? Thanks!!!


So, the beginning is fabulous… I got a little lost after the start. There are some things that happen and I was just going with the punches, very curious as to where this was going to go. I mean this sounds ridiculous, but some parts seemed outlandish. Ok, I get it. I’m reviewing a ZOMBIE book and I just wrote that some parts were a bit out there… I know. But I guess what I’m saying is that they didn’t jive with me. And wound up bringing up a lot of questions… like, WHAT THE HELL? A lot of questions still need to be answered, but I think it’s worth the reading. It’s almost sci fi / paranormal in certain aspects, but again, worth the read even though I’m not a sci fi fan.


The characters were amazing. So real. I could feel every time something happened to someone, and I think Adam has a real knack for making you vested in the characters. I was quite literally frightened for them! And as I said above, in some cases I so don’t want to die like some of these people do!


I’m really curious about book two. I think this is just whetting a horror fan’s appetite. And the way Adam Sigrist writes, I’m sure he’s going to deliver! I just want answers please!!


Ohhh… and the synopsis and cover: BRILLIANT!








About Adam Sigrist:


While an English Scholar and Personal Care Assistant by day, Adam’s passion has been, and always will be, writing – until “every one of [his] fingers falls off”.


Furiously crafting his own classics from a single name, Adam draws inspiration from immersing himself within the world around him, whether it is by watching life intersect at the point of a busy street , or happily helping a young, devoted fan complete a school report about his favorite author.  When he does take a break, Sigrist also enjoys peaceful walks, camping, relaxing and hanging out with his friends.


A native of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Sigrist comes from a large family which includes three sisters and two nieces whom he “loves more than anything in this world.”  His military parents nourished his budding talent by providing him some of their favorite books from the likes of Stephen King and Dean Koontz.


To find out more about Adam, and his projects, check out his website:




First Light is available now through in paperback and Kindle versions and wherever books are sold. (US): (UK): (Canada):

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