Book Review: Feng Shui Simply by Cheryl Grace

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Book Review: Feng Shui Simply by Cheryl GraceFeng Shui Simply by Cheryl Grace
Published by Hay House, Incorporated on 2013
Genres: Body, Mind & Spirit, Feng Shui
Pages: 255
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In Feng Shui Simply, Cheryl Grace digs deep into the principles of feng shui to present an exciting new view of this age-old concept and shows that feng shui isn't just about rearranging your furniture or painting your walls; it goes much deeper. She opens your eyes to how feng shui can be used to balance the energy of every part of your life--both in your external and internal environments. Grace shows that bringing your focus to both of these worlds is a powerful way to design the life you're meant to live.      In these pages, Grace takes you on a journey to design your living spaces using the classic Bagua map--a chart separating physical spaces into nine areas, each representing a different aspect of life, such as wealth, family, and career. But perhaps more importantly, she goes one step further, teaching you the inner work of feng shui using her own Inner Wisdom Bagua map, which correlates the characteristics, beliefs, and attitudes that will help you flourish in each area of your life.      Sharing anecdotes from her own experience switching careers from an ESPN executive to a feng shui consultant, as well as her clients' success stories, Grace walks you through each area of the standard and Inner Wisdom Bagua maps to create unique solutions for your life. She teaches you to harness the power of your intuition to determine what's true and important for you. And she offers practical tools based on concepts such as Yin and Yang, the Five Elements, and the Magical Day, to help you figure out which enhancements will be the most effective in transforming your life.      By celebrating key principles like universal gratitude, a positive outlook, and living in the present moment, she shows you how to manage life on a day-to-day basis and points you toward your life's true purpose.

My Thoughts

Being a lover of Feng Shui I thought I would give this book a try. I have not read anything about Feng Shui in quite some time and my house needs some massive help! This one took me by surprise!

Yes, it is filled with fun ways of making your house lovely using Feng Shui. Cheryl teaches about the Ba Gua in a way that is quite effective and something I can remember even when I move. She goes through the gamut of colors and how they affect moods and how furniture and even art placement can really drag you down.

What I really enjoyed was that this has a lot to do with Feng Shui’ing your brain as well. Cheryl not only talks about clutter in the house but in your mind. You know those aha moments when you read something that makes SO MUCH sense and you should have figured it out long before this? Yeah, this portion of the book was an Aha moment for me. She explains that many things in your house have a certain connotation, or a feeling that is attached to it. Your aunt that said you she never liked you also gave you the main art piece that is sitting on your living room wall? Every time you walk by that piece you will consciously or subconsciously have a bad vibe from it! Same goes for the things that feel good to your psyche. Even when we are no longer realizing it those objects still make us feel a certain way.

Five years ago my mom and I had quit talking. We had a really strange argument and I didn’t even know what was going on. She was upset and felt attacked, not by me but by other family members, and she was throwing a party in her own home. My mom felt like my sis and I should be protecting her from these people who obviously were not playing nice. All of this happened while I was out getting food! I come back with Chick Fil A nuggets (an entire platter! Oh my god those things are yummy) and she brushed past me like I was her worst enemy. Sadly she isn’t much of a talker so instead of explaining what was going on she started being really mean. Long story short we didn’t talk for a year but in that year I thought about her and I tried to figure out what happened. She collects Snow Babies so I got her a Snow Baby for Mother’s Day. I did not call her and that present sat on my book shelf for nearly a year! Every time I saw it or walked past the damn present it brought up a thousand thoughts and a lot of self defense. It wasn’t until I finally decided that I wanted to figure out what was going on and got her to open up that we started talking and that stupid snow baby didn’t give me a negative reaction when I walked by it. I sent it to her with all the happiness in my heart!

So!! This entire idea of cleaning your house and your mind resonates with me a great deal. I completely understand how objects can possess a quality that we attach to them and that quality will affect us EVERY SINGLE TIME we are near!

Needless to say, I love this book. I’m reorganizing my house one room at a time. First I am clearing all of the clutter that has accumulated every where and the clutter that has accumulated in my head!

In short: Even if you don’t believe in Feng Shui try this if you are redecorating. The concepts are fun and smart and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how good they make you feel!






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