Book Review: Feedback by Mira Grant

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I received this book for free from AudioBook Reviewer in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: Feedback by Mira GrantFeedback by Mira Grant
Published by Orbit on October 4th 2016
Narrator: Georgia Dolenz
Genres: Horror & Ghost Stories
Source: AudioBook Reviewer
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A new beginning for Mira Grant's New York Times bestselling NEWSFLESH series!
There are two sides to every story...
We had cured cancer. We had beaten the common cold. But in doing so we unleashed something horrifying and unstoppable. The infection spread leaving those afflicted with a single uncontrollable impulse: FEED.
Now, twenty years after the Rising, a team of scrappy underdog reporters relentlessly pursue the facts while competing against the brother-and-sister blog superstars, the Masons.
Surrounded by the infected, and facing more insidious forces working in the shadows, they must hit the presidential campaign trail and uncover dangerous truths. Or die trying.
Feedback is a full-length Newsflesh novel that overlaps the events of the acclaimed first novel in the series, Feed, and offers a new entry point to this thrilling and treacherous world.
Newsflesh Short Fiction CollectionRise


As a Mira Grant fan, I am ashamed to admit that this took me so long to listen to. This has been out since October, 2016 and life has just been too crazy for me to sit down and give it a real go. I didn’t want to listen like I do to some audios, with one ear listening while my mind is elsewhere. I knew this needed my undivided attention.

I am so glad I waited.

First of all, let me just say that this should not be read as a stand alone. If this is read prior to the first three you will hear about some major spoilers that may ruin portions of the plot.

That said, this plot is paralleled with News Flesh. These characters are new, although if I remember correctly I have heard of them in the main three and in the novellas. I haven’t read the main three in quite some time but after reading this I plan to go back and re-read the entire thing. Especially because of the parallels connecting the two main plots. I want to dive into the nuances that Mira Grant was able to create and find all the hidden little clues.

If you have read the first three, especially recently, you should love this. There’s the narration thing that always gets to me with Mira Grant’s books. The Parasite books in particular, just killed me. But the whine isn’t there so much as an emphasis on words when there isn’t really anything to be excited about. The narrator, Georgia Dolenz, did a great job of creating intensity, which is needed in much of the book, but sometimes went a tad overboard for my taste. Definitely not enough to take me out of the story. I did love her voice and felt that she made a great Ash, but her voices for all of the characters was just as spot on. Her accent is to die for! And the audio was fantastic, as I’ve come to expect with all Mira Grant’s books!

The plot itself was amazing. Like I said,  I haven’t read any Mira Grant’s in a while so I was excited to see so many easter eggs about the other stories. The more I heard, the more excited I got. I kept trying to connect dots like there’s this massive puzzle going on. It is brilliantly done and kept me on the edge of my seat.

Then there are the characters. When I first turned this on, I was a little surprised that there were new characters. I don’t read the synopsis for Mira Grant’s books, I just open and devour them! So, when it started with Ash, I was taken aback, but curious. Needless to say these characters are just as great as the Masons. Funnily enough, as people in the same world do, they even talk about the Masons. Not entirely in good ways either. This just cracked me up. I thought it was a great addition to the plot.

My only warning, much like the first three, there will be tears.

All in all, I am completely fascinated with these stories and I hope they keep coming. I’m sure she’s getting tired of writing them, but if not I’ll be there to read them!



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About Mira Grant

Born and raised in Northern California, Mira Grant has made a lifelong study of horror movies, horrible viruses, and the inevitable threat of the living dead. In college, she was voted Most Likely to Summon Something Horrible in the Cornfield, and was a founding member of the Horror Movie Sleep-Away Survival Camp, where her record for time survived in the Swamp Cannibals scenario remains unchallenged.

Mira lives in a crumbling farmhouse with an assortment of cats, horror movies, comics, and books about horrible diseases. When not writing, she splits her time between travel, auditing college virology courses, and watching more horror movies than is strictly good for you. Favorite vacation spots include Seattle, London, and a large haunted corn maze just outside of Huntsville, Alabama.

Mira sleeps with a machete under her bed, and highly suggests that you do the same.

Mira also writes as Seanan McGuire.








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