Book Review: Dogtology by J. Lazarus

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Book Review: Dogtology by J. LazarusDogtology by Jeff Lazarus
Published by Greenleaf Book Group Llc on Expected publication: April 21st 2015
Genres: Animals, Dogs, General, Humor, Pets
Pages: 192
Source: NetGalley
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Dog· tol· o· gy


1. The belief in Dog.

2. The system of rituals, practices, and behaviors engaged in by Dogtologists.

Chew on this. As humans, we have a deep need to believe . . . a need to relate to something greater and more ideal than ourselves. Perhaps that's why so many millions believe in Dog. Man's devotion to Dog has come to rival the great -isms and -ologies of the world. This has gone way beyond a hobby. We may not literally worship Dogs, but we come pawfully close. This rabid reverence for Rover has a name: It's called Dogtology. Dogtology is for the dog lover who has bailed on a date because they didn't want Twinkles to be left home alone, for the human whose dog owns a more festive holiday wardrobe than they do, those whose pups dine on free-range bison burgers while they live off ramen, or whose smartphones have more photos of their dog than of the humans in their family. Live. Bark. Believe. Dogtology is a humorous exploration of man's fanatical devotion to Dog. In this book, Lazarus makes the case that Dogtology has become a bone-a-fide belief system on par with the world's great philosophies and religions.

My Thoughts

This book is adorable! Just like the pups it is talking about. Yes, I have to admit that I do most of the, what seems to be ridiculous, stuff in this book for my pups. But I do not think spoiling my pups is ridiculous at all!

And so God said, “At last, I have created a being that reflects all that is good in me. Thus, I shall give it a name that is the mirror image of my own.”

I think of my puppies as my little babies. Some, not so little. 80 pound pitt definitely is not little. Especially since he is a lap dog!

But seriously, no matter how big they get, or how much they smell like wet dog after they have baths, or even when they want to roll in some weird smelling animal stuff, I love them!

And that is what this book is all about. Why we love dogs so much today. Why we treat them the way we do. And what it all means.

Dogs just want to know exactly what the hell humans want already. It’s not about who is alpha; it’s about What in the name of God are you asking me to doooo?

As I went through God creating Dog I laughed. This makes so much sense. Such as the reason why dogs do not actually speak.

it is Mans ability to talk that will get him into more trouble than any other capacity he possesses.

And how dogs will react to us, act with us, and change us.

It’s all about our worshiping them. And if you think you do not worship Dog, look at the amount of pictures around your house and on your social media. How many are about you and how many are of your precious, cutesy pup?

This is a bit satirical but it is all fascinating and was so much fun to read!

Dog Is Fur Real






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