Book Review: Couponing for the Rest of Us by Kasey Trenum

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Book Review: Couponing for the Rest of Us by Kasey TrenumCouponing for the Rest of Us by Kasey Knight Trenum
Published by Baker Publishing Group on 2013-05-01
Genres: Business & Economics, General, Personal Finance
Pages: 192
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Not everyone is an extreme couponer. Most of us just want to save some money--not let clipping coupons and scouring the internet for deals take over our lives. For all the savvy shoppers out there, Kasey Knight Trenum has written Couponing for the Rest of Us.She knows that money is tight, food prices are going up, gas prices are closing in on unbearable, and people have better things to do than spend every spare minute (if they have any) obsessing over costs and coupons. She also knows coupons just happen to be a tool that can save a family hundreds of dollars every month and ultimately improve a family's finances and its future.Couponing for the Rest of Us shows readers•where to find coupons for what your family eats•how to make the internet do the work for you•how to find sale cycles and store match-ups (and what those terms mean!)•how to reinvent your shopping strategy and toss your lists•how to make grocery shopping less stressful--even fun!•how to turn money saved into money shared•and much moreIf readers want to save money and time, this book is a gold mine.

My Thoughts

So, I’m one of those that got into the coupon craze a few months back. There are a LOT of books out there and a lot that you can learn on the internet. This is one of those books but what I enjoyed about this one is that Kasey Trenum really brings couponing into a normal perspective. People that have jobs, children, and very little time can start saving money with coupons.

She has a list of coupons sights like or SmartSource, and There are so many different place to get coupons and I have to admit I don’t feel very comfortable going to some of them, but these were familiar names and places that I knew I could trust when searching for coupons I would use.

Kasey also talks about not getting discouraged, starting slow, and taking your time to do what feels right for you. Spending money on something your family isn’t going to use just because it is on sale or buy one get one isn’t going to help you. She goes into many ways to save money but also debunks myths! Like that you have to buy 10 items if they are 10 for $10 sale.

The one thing that threw me off is that she has bible quotes in this book. I don’t want to talk religion on my blog but I can say I’m a pretty spiritual person but I do not enjoy reading rhetoric about christianity (or any religion for that matter) when I’m just trying to learn something. I do understand that it is her faith and I basically just ignored those parts but I am curious if it really needed to be added in at all? Just a warning for those that aren’t religious.

In short: Skip the religious parts if you’re not religious, otherwise enjoy a great book with lots of tips on how to save money with coupons!


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