Book Review: Being Amber by Sylvia Ryan

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Genres: Apocalyptic, Dystopian, Erotica, Romance
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  • Being Amber (New Atlanta #1)beingamber-cover
  • by Sylvia Ryan
  • Erotic Futuristic Romance
  • Category:Post-Apocalyptic/Dystopian
  • Publisher:Lyrical Press, Inc.
  • Release Date:March 27, 2013
  • Heat Level:Sizzling
  • Word Count:69,000
  • Rating: 4/5




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Jaci Harmon was born a Sapphire, but after she’s summoned to receive her final designation, the testing reveals she carries a gene slated for eradication. Within a day, she’s sterilized and dumped in the Amber Zone, where the damaged are corralled away from the rest of New Atlanta. Scared and alone, Jaci would rather die than face her future as an Amber.


Born in the Amber Zone, Xander Dimos is a product of a lifetime spent under the oppression of the Repopulation Laws. Decades of suffering have taught the Ambers to make the zone a place where touch, sex, and unconditional acceptance ease the pain of their fate. Jaci has a lot to learn about her new home, and it’s Xanderís responsibility to guide her through the differences and the dangers safely.


With the simmering undercurrents of sexual chemistry growing between them, and in the midst of discovering the Gov’s true motives, Jaci and Xander must overcome his secret and accept their love as undeniable…even if the time allotted to share it is short.


my thoughts done


Ok, wow… Love this dystopian plus a bit of erotica thing that is going on! For some reason I was caught a little off guard, although the synopsis clearly states that there is sex, but my brain didn’t catch that part. I caught Dystopian! And I said, hell yeah I’ll review that, sounds awesome! Little did I know this was going to blow my mind!


The sex scenes are very intimate, it’s totally in your face sex but at the same time somehow Sylvia makes it more about the people than the act. Which I thought was great. I don’t normally read erotica but I’m not going to shy away from it either so when it started, pretty early in the book, I was even more engrossed than I was prior.


Like the plot, the characters are also very unique. Jaci gets put into the Amber society after growing up as a Sapphire, has to say goodbye to her friends and family, AND gets sterilized. I can only imagine how that must feel. And she doesn’t just lay there taking it all, there are things that she does that any person would do. It’s just so real that I felt for her through every word.


The only thing that I didn’t like was the near insta-love. I get the fact that Jaci feels all alone and all but I wanted to get a little more out of the relationship before she’s falling in love. And when the main relationship doesn’t work, she’s searching out others to be with. That threw me off a bit. But again, she had absolutely nobody to turn to, so I get why the story goes this way, I just didn’t love that part.


All in all, there are some really good twists, lovely characters, tons of stuff going on that can only happen in a dystopian society. Totally loved it! I can’t wait for book two!

the author


Sylvia lives the life of a run-of-the-mill wife, mother, and professional in Midwest Suburbia, USA. She reads voraciously and loves to lose herself and fall head over heels for the alpha males in her favorite novels.

When she gets the chance to shed the prim and proper persona of average wife and mother, her secret identity, Sylvia Ryan, emerges. This alter ego strives to write original ideas in extraordinary settings for her readers to remember long after the book has been read. Her dream is to transform her racy thoughts and naughty nature into tangible works of erotic fantasy for others’ secret identities to enjoy.

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