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Horrifying MondaysHorrifying Mondays is all about what scares us. The horror behind the curtains that we refuse to open, the creatures in the dark, and sometimes those creatures that are in the open!

Each Monday will bring a different horror… to help you cope with the horror that is Monday with the horrors that are in the fantasy world.




Horror for Today: Vampires!

Ok… maybe putting this on my Horror Monday is a stretch. It’s not really horrific. It’s sarcastic and fun but vampires are a sub-genre of horror and I’m hoping we’re going to see some more blood in book two! So here you go!

Birth of a Vampire Birth of a Vampire
by Gayla Twist
Series: The Vanderlind Realm #1
on May 25th 2014
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal, Romance
Pages: 156

Dorian is a vampire who doesn’t believe in love. Haley is a human who doesn’t believe in vampires.

At seventeen, Haley Scott’s life is pretty miserable. She lives with her uncle in a small town where she has absolutely no friends and barely any social life. Haley knows for a fact that there are very few people on the planet who care if she lives or dies.

Dorian Vanderlind is a vampire with a past he’s reluctant to face. He visits his cousin as a favor, only to find himself entangled in the enticements of the mortal world.

What happens when these two are thrown together in the most complicated of circumstances? Find out in Birth of the Vampire ~ Book 1 in The Vanderlind Realm.


Birth of the Vampire (The Vanderlind Realm Book 1)
horror interview done

Thank you so much for doing this interview for Creating Serenity.
GT: Thanks for having me
Christina T. – How did this book start for you? Image, Idea, Dream?
GT: Birth of the Vampire is book one of The Vanderlind Realm. It’s a spinoff of The Vanderlind Castle series. I began that series because I was looking at the word Aurora and thinking that it would be a cool name for a vampire. Then I thought, – No, it’s the name of the girl that the vampire loves.
Christina T. – I do love that name and it is so worldly that I have to confess I did think she should be a vampire! Did you have any growing pains with this novel?
GT: It was a challenge transitioning from The Vanderlind Castle series. I really loved the characters in that book and it was difficult to bring it to a close. But the more I worked on Birth of the Vampire, the happier I became.
Christina T. – I could tell in the writing. I loved book one but now I am going to have to read your other books! Do you have a message you try to convey when writing a story?

GT: I try to make my heroines smart. I hate when an author has a female lead purposely do something stupid so that the male lead can save her. Why can’t she make smart choices that just go horribly wrong?
Christina T. – Fabulous idea! That works wonderfully in this. And that’s probably why she’s always in trouble but not for things I would have thought she would be. It was great seeing how strong she was and that she’s not falling at Dorian’s feet! What are you reading right now?
GT: Vanity Fair by William Thackeray for research.
Christina T. – What do you do when you’re not writing?
GT: I have a toddler, so mostly toddlering.
Christina T. – As they say, having children is a wonderful but full time job! Have you always wanted to be an author?
GT: Ever since I can remember. I hid my dream because my mom always told me that writing was a hobby, not a career. I hid it so well that my best friend in high school had no idea. I saw her a few years ago and she said it was odd that I had become a writer seeing that I never expressed an interest in it. lol.
Christina T. – Wow. It is truly wonderful that you were able to follow your dream though. What is your writing style? Do you create outlines for your writing or do you just sit and type away?
GT: I create a very loose outline – I know the end of the first, second and third act, plus resolution, but besides that I just let inspiration take over. It frequently takes the characters in a direction that I never expected.
Christina T. – I’m super excited about this series but what is your next project? What have you been working on recently?
GT: I’ve been doing some contract work for my day job, but I’ll be putting out the second book in the series next. Working title is Scion of the Vampire.
Christina T. – YAY!!! I’m really excited for that one. Do you write using a computer or the old fashioned pen to paper?
GT: I write on a computer now, but it took me forever to make the leap. Now my penmanship is deplorable.
Christina T. – If you ever decided to switch professions maybe you could become a doctor! Do you listen to music while writing? If so, what’s on your playlist!?
GT: Usually no music while writing, but I put some on and dance around while taking breaks. I am currently crushing on LCD Soundsystem.
Christina T. – Ohhh… that sounds awesome. I might have to talk to my hubby about getting me one now. Dancing is actually one of my guilty pleasures (guilty as in I dance horribly and never in front of anyone!) Do you have a guilty pleasure?
GT: Does watching TV count? I always feel like I should be doing something more productive.
Christina T. – Of course it does but I know the feeling sadly. I have my favorite shows that I try to never miss! What is your favorite word?
GT: It’s a tie between nap and snack.
Christina T. – Good ones! What is your least favorite word?

GT: I hate when people use disrespect as a verb. Especially in a historical novel, movie or TV show. That’s an extremely modern usage and it really bugs me.
Christina T. – Do you talk to your characters?
GT: No, but I constantly run dialog in my head.
Christina T. – What sound do you love?
GT: The rise and fall of crickets chirping on a hot summer night.
Christina T. – What sound do you hate?

GT: The sound of a loud eater or someone chomping on gum.
Christina T. – I never thought of that but now that I am, I completely agree! What’s your favorite time of year?
GT: It used to be autumn, until I moved to San Francisco. Not much in terms of seasons here.
I’m from the South so I understand. I love the Northern colors in fall. You can always visit! Or stay inside and finish book two cause I’m dying here!

Thank you so much for taking the time to indulge my curiosity! Loved reading this and I cannot wait for the next!
GT: Thank you, Christina
My Thoughts Horror

I’m swamped with reading. I know being a book lover that sounds like something that can never happen but being a book review this happens every week! I decided to give this one a try, even with my crazy schedule, because #1 It’s Vampires and although I could have stopped at #1 I’ll move on to #2 It’s only 156 pages. Easy read!

I am so glad I decided to read this!

First of all. DO NOT THINK Twilight. Yes, there are humans and vampires involved. Is it Twilight? No. Totally different.

Yay… now that is out of the way. What I loved about this book? The characters! They are so snarky, and sharp, and amusing. I couldn’t stop laughing. Except at the characters that I hated. And those characters? I REALLY hated. For reals! I wanted them so far away from this storyline that it borders on craziness. But it’s ok because I think they are going to help extend the plot for book two!

Before I get onto how it ended though, I have to say I really enjoyed this. There wasn’t too much time taken to develop the characters, nor an annoyingly amount of time to explain things. This is the meat and the potatoes. You don’t have to read between lines or decipher anything because it’s all in your face.

Only thing I didn’t like was the normal b.s. People will be people and as I said above, those people I hated, I really hated and for good reason. They were complete assholes and didn’t even realize it. I mean.. ugh.. just… ugh!

The ending was perfect for a short book and although it left on a cliff hanger of sorts there were enough answers that I felt completely satisfied.

In short: Enjoy reading about vampires? This one is different from your run of the mill vamp romance. It’s snarky and entertaining!


Horror Meter: 2/5

Gore: 2/5

Shock Factor: 3/5

Emotions: 3/5

Total Scare: 3/5


The Author Horror

Gayla Twist is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and currently lives in San Francisco, California. Besides writing romance novels that have a bite, she creates dialog for video games. She loves drinking wine in foreign countries and trying unusual cuisine.


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