Book Review: Angel Omega by Brandon Godbee

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Genres: Fantasy
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About The Book:

  • Angel OmegaAngel Omega
  • by Brandon Godbee
  • Series: Imprisonment
  • Age Group: Adult
  • Category: New Age / Fiction
  • Pages: 424
  • Publication:  May 14, 2013
  • Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
  • Rating: 3.5/5
  • Received From: Brandon Godbee for an honest review


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After struggling for several long months, Jason and Sarah Wyatt are expecting a healthy baby boy. How could they have known that the young child growing in Sarah’s womb is the banished soul of the youngest archangel of heaven? His crime is so unspeakable that it seems unreal. The archangel Gabriel has sworn to watch over him, for he alone knows the truth about why the archangel Omega would defy his eldest brother, Michael, and bring the Antichrist before God. Could one act of kindness save the darkest of souls?





My Thoughts:


This started a little slow for me. I had a hard time with the back and forth from angels to the mortal world. I think if the chapters would have been divided more, angels for a chapter and mortals for a chapter, I would have been able to keep things straight. Although it took me a couple of chapters to get things straight, once I did I definitely wanted to know what was going to happen.


I wouldn’t say that this is horror, but there are some moments of horror. I mean, it’s about Lucifer and his son, Damien. Funnily enough Brandon’s rendition of Damien really had me liking that guy! Where some of the angels were just all uppity and a bit weird really, Damien and Omega seemed to be the “down to earth” ones. Pun intended! Damien really has a strength to him though and the way his character grows just made this wonderful. I enjoyed the parts with Damien the most, even though this is mostly about him and Omega. I even began enjoying the parts with the angels more than the mortal world!


The ending was great and completely worth the read, even with the cliff hanger! I am curious to know what is going to happen next. So, if you pick this up and start thinking it’s a little slow, just stick with it, it’ll be worth it in the end.






About Brandon Godbee:


Brandon Godbee resides in Houston, Texas with his family. After graduating from high school, Brandon’s creative spirit and love of singing drove him to major in music. Angel Omega: Imprisonment is Brandon’s first work in writing and he is currently working on Angel Omega: Shattered Soul the next installment in the series.





One StarOne StarOne StarHalf a Star
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