Book Review: Aliens by Alan Dean Foster

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Book Review: Aliens by Alan Dean FosterAliens by Alan Dean Foster
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Published by Grand Central Publishing on March 1st 1991
Length: 9 hrs and 2 mins
Genres: Adaptations, Horror, Sci Fi
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Having survived one encounter with an alien, Ripley is persuaded to return to the planet where her crew found the alien ship. A colony has been established there, but suddenly all contact with the settlers has been lost. Accompanied by marines, Ripley is going to find out why.


My thoughts

If I was excited about listening to Alien, I am ecstatic about listening to Aliens! I remember this movie the most. Maybe partly because of Newt but also due to the outstanding characterization of the marines. And also in part because Ripley has really started to come into her own.

What I could not remember of the movie, the book made extremely clear. Ripley dealt with some issues in book one (if they can be called issues!!) and has grown tremendously. The words used to describe her in Alien have changed to words that mean a woman that is determined, strong, relentless, and will stop at nothing to keep herself, and her friends, safe. The only time she faltered was when asking herself WHY in the world she allowed herself to be talked into coming back to this alien world. I would have to ask myself the same question after all she went through.

The novelization, including fabulous narration, is even more exciting than book one. This book adds details that were unknown in the movie. There is just no time to go into character’s backgrounds. I loved the story of Newt! Getting to know her was a great part of the book and really explained her connection with Ripley. There was a lot that the movies just could not give the viewer and the book fixes all of that!

The narration was yet again on point. There is not a minute where I was not on the edge of my seat. With the marines, multiple women, and a child, you think this is when the narration would falter but William Hope does an outstanding job of keeping the voices separate and understandable, while also adding in those accents that made them stand out in the movie. Vasquez is one of those that stands out quite a bit, in the movie and in the book, and the narration kept that character exciting.

The audible was outstanding and I was pleased that it kept up to my expectations. The only thing that would have made this better is a full cast of narrators. Otherwise, it still was able to pull me in and keep me entertained.


Rating Report
5 / 5
Character Development
5 / 5
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The Author


Alan Dean Foster is the acclaimed author of movie tie-ins for Star Wars, Alien and Transformers. He was awarded the IAMTW Grand Master Scribe Award in 2008. He is also a best-selling science-fiction and fantasy author in his own right, including the popular Pip and Flinx novels and the Founding of the Commonwealth series.

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