Book Review: Aliens 3 by Alan Dean Foster

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Book Review: Aliens 3 by Alan Dean FosterAlien³ by Alan Dean Foster
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Published by Grand Central Publishing on January 1st 1970
Length: 9 hrs and 2 mins
Genres: Adaptations, Horror, Sci Fi
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Here, even the wind screams. Abandoned hulks of machinery rust in the colorless landscape. Dark, oily seas beat against a jagged black shore. And the remnants of a reentry space vehicle crash into the rough waves. In it sleeps Ripley, a woman who has battled the enemy twice. It killed her whole crew the first time. The second time, it slaughtered a spaceload of death-dealing Marines. Now on this prison planet that houses only a horde of defiant, captive men, she will have to fight the ultimate alien horror one more time.


My thoughts

I’m so excited that I was able to listen to this one! I then also watched the movie. This is the movie I did not remember as well as the first two. I know I have seen it at some point but after listening to the first three books, I knew I really wanted to watch it again.

The great part about these novelizations is that I can already see the characters. I know them and have know them for years. This book made me have all the feels. The beginning was tragic, yet again, and Ripley is set on another quest to kill aliens. Thank goodness she is more determined than ever but the beginning of this really made me feel for her.

What I really liked about the novelization is that it added in more detail and characterization. Much like the first two, this one adds in detail that I may not have noticed while watching the movie. It fills in gaps that I did not even know were there.

Not having an idea of this book made it all the more scary. I was on the edge of my seat wondering where there danger was going to come from. Surprisingly there are quite a few characters in this that are heroic and even outshine the marines! I was worried at times but at others so glad that Ripley had some of these individuals around her. Although, she gets herself into quite a few messes in this one. Being on a prison world filled with me, what else would Ripley do?

This book held up to the first two, which is surprising. The second is still my favorite but the plot twists and the things that happen in this one were not foreseen. Brilliant work, yet again, by Peter Guinness. His voice lets the listener fall into the story and forget that there is a real world around them. The terror is really felt when the alien shows its ugly head!

Not my favorite of the three but still on par with the first. Great storytelling and very good narration.



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4.5 / 5
Character Development
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Overall: 4.9 / 5
The Author


Alan Dean Foster is the acclaimed author of movie tie-ins for Star Wars, Alien and Transformers. He was awarded the IAMTW Grand Master Scribe Award in 2008. He is also a best-selling science-fiction and fantasy author in his own right, including the popular Pip and Flinx novels and the Founding of the Commonwealth series.

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