Book Review: Aladdin Relighted by J.R. Rain & Piers Anthony

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Book Review: Aladdin Relighted by J.R. Rain & Piers AnthonyAladdin Relighted by J.R. Rain, Piers Anthony
Series: The Aladdin Trilogy #1
on 07-11-13
Narrator: Paul Licameli
Length: 6 hrs and 8 mins
Genres: Fantasy, Fantasy & Magic, Sci Fi
Pages: 214
Source: AudioBook Reviewer
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Return to the magical land of the Arabian Nights....

The end of “Aladdin of the Lamp” finds the cunning Aladdin ruler of a great kingdom. Now, many years have passed....

Aladdin is older, richer and wiser...and heart broken. After losing his beloved wife and son to foul play, he resigns from being king and sets out to do what he does best....

Now working as an anonymous relic hunter using the name Niddala (Aladdin spelled backwards), he’s hired by a desperate — and beautiful — noblewoman named Jewel to rescue her kidnapped son. Prince Zeyn, a powerful wizard from the magical land of Djinnland, has designs on Aladdin’s kingdom, and Jewel’s son is to be the final piece of a bloody plot to rule two worlds.

To save the boy and his kingdom, Aladdin soon realizes he must seek the aid of a once-powerful ally, the mighty Djinn of the Lamp. Unfortunately, the djinn is being held prisoner by Zeyn in Djinnland, a magical land full of dragons and ogres, magic carpets and magic castles. With time rapidly running out, Aladdin and Jewel will journey into a world far stranger than anything they had ever imagined, a world full of danger at every turn, a world in which they may never return. It will take all their cunning and wits to stay alive...but will they do so in time to save the djinn, her son, and a kingdom?

From bestselling authors Piers Anthony (Xanth) and J.R. Rain (Vampire for Hire), ALADDIN RELIGHTED is the first in a magical series featuring Aladdin and his Extraordinary Lamp.

My Thoughts

So… this was published in 2011 but I remember my mom being all crazy about me NOT reading Piers Anthony when I was a teen. I can sort of see why as there are glimpses of his sexual writing in this one.

I was pretty interested in the beginning and was into the story but every other word starts is about sex. Not in a crazy porn way but in a casual I’m horny way. Firstly, hello one of the main characters is trying to save her son! Calm down and keep it in your pants! Secondly, he has some issues because he cannot perform since his wife died. Well.. maybe that’s why he can’t get his mind off of sex but come on. There is a time and place!

Now, I have sadly never read anything about Aladdin (save Disney’s movie but I don’t think that counts really) so I did not have any pre ideas about this. It was a fresh story and the characters (minus their obvious fixation on sex) were quite interesting! I could have used a little less of the sex bit but really the plot was intriguing but especially since I know nothing about other Aladdin’s adventures.

I also received this on audible so I got to listen to the gravely voice of Paul Licameli! I just love his voice and could listen to him all day long. Weirdly I have a plus and a minus for the narration but I’m curious if this is just the way he talks; he is very insistent with every word! Every. Word. He speaks in such a compelling way that it is almost difficult to decipher when something more intense is actually going on. I listened to a sample of Don’t Open The Well by Kirk Anderson but the particular excerpt definitely sounds like it needed his intensity. In Aladdin, in some portions it was a bit much, but in others, like the example of Don’t Open the Well, I think it is perfect. The depth to his voice definitely drags the listener into the story, whether they want to listen or not. It’s compelling and fabulous!

Aladdin Relighted though, did not need so much of a compelling, intense voice. It worked but in some places it was strange. Maybe it was that the story was strange as well. The plot and characters are funny and kept me entertained though!

In short: This was my first Piers Anthony. I’m not sure if I’m in love or if I’m holding back because I’m not a huge fan of Fantasy. It was easy to get into but hard to stay with.

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4 / 5
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