Book Review: A Beautiful Madness by Lee Thompson

August 5, 2014 Blog, Book Reviews 2

I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Review: A Beautiful Madness by Lee ThompsonA Beautiful Madness by Lee Thompson
Published by DarkFuse on Aug 5 2014
Genres: Mystery, Thriller
Pages: 282
Source: NetGalley

A Texas Senator and his wife go missing…On the same day, their son is slaughtered by an enigmatic killer on the lawn of ex-Governor Edward Wood's residence. Sammy, Wood's drug dealing son, suspects his father of the crime. After all, his old man snapped once before and crippled his wife with a lead pipe. But there's something more to these events…something deeper and festering just beneath the surface…

In direct opposition to Homicide Detective Jim Thompson, Sammy begins an investigation of his own, searching for the truth in a labyrinth of lies, deception, depravity and violence that drags him deeper into darkness and mayhem with each step. And in doing so, brings them all into the sights of an elusive and horrifying killer who may not be what he seems.

A brutal killer on a rampage of carnage…a hardened detective on the brink…an antihero from the shadows…a terrifying mystery that could destroy them all…

A BEAUTIFUL MADNESS, the harrowing new novel of dark crime and suspense from Lee Thompson.

My Thoughts

Ok, this is a problem with NetGalley! My problem… Firstly this is Darkfuse, secondly I’m auto approved for Darkfuse. Excuse? Probably…

I started reading this very exciting synopsis and I just thought that I HAD to read this. It sounds exciting! And really the cover is pretty cool too. And as I said above, Darkfuse! I love them!

What I didn’t realize until I was about 20% in was that this is a thriller. THRILLER. My most hated genre. I mean other than military and politics. I just cannot deal with thrillers. Some are ok but at best it’s only going to get a three out of me which doesn’t have anything to do with this wonderful author or the book, it’s a me thing.

So! Instead of writing a full review I’m going to tell you that this is really intriguing. I was explaining it to my hubby and he was really excited as I am sure a lot of people will be that enjoy thrillers.

In short: This DID start out promising. And there is a lot of intrigue here. For a thriller enthusiast this will be right up their alley.


The Author

“Lee Thompson knows his horror-noir. He fuses both genres together in the turmoil of terror, tragedy, blood, guilt, and lost chances at redemption.”–Tom Piccirilli, author of THE LAST KIND WORDS

Lee Thompson is the bestselling author of the Suspense novels A BEAUTIFUL MADNESS (August 2014), IT’S ONLY DEATH (January 2015), and WITH FURY IN HAND (May 2015). The dominating threads weaved throughout his work are love, loss, and learning how to live again. A firm believer in the enduring power of the human spirit, Lee believes that stories, no matter their format, set us on the path of transformation. He is represented by the extraordinary Chip MacGregor of MacGregor Literary. Visit Lee’s website to discover more:

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    • Christina

      It totally was me! Surprisingly the author friended me on Goodreads so obviously he gets it. I did try but yeah… I’m SURE thriller seekers will love this though!