Book Chat Thursday

July 19, 2012 Uncategorized 4

Next week: 2012 is half over.  So what have been your favorite books of the year so far.  Or just share what you’ve read so far this year. — Sweet Green Tangerine

The Book Thief. Hands down, winner!

This book brings out all kinds of emotion. First it’s about a young girl growing up during WWII. We all know that anyone living in these times would have it difficult but this is from the perspective of Death. Who knew HE had it the most difficult, with years and years of hard labor carrying all those souls that died. He grows fond of a young girl he sees and watches her life and the effects that the war and the people around have on her.

This book is profoundly moving. Absolutely so ingenious in its writing. The emotions that it wrought were amazing. Yes it is a devastating read but also so uplifting in its own way. Definitely my winner for the year!

You can view my entire book review on The Book Thief.

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  1. Erinn

    Totally agree. I’m heading over to read your review of it now…I’m interested to see what you had to say about it!